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In the play-Podcast 276, we look to the financial statements to the front and back: First, we have the 2021 reminisce, talk about the best games of the year, the flops and disappointments, the scandals and scandals, our personal time wasters and what we otherwise has moved. Then we look ahead, shimmy us through the year 2022, and discuss the main title of the next twelve months — so, of course, highlights such as God of War: Ragnarök and Horizon: Forbidden West. As announced, we have pre-produced the podcast, so this time are a) your community questions of exception there — this we get of course next year after — and b) Chris unfortunately still prevents the podcast why again mixed doubles from Kathy and Sasha is played.

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The topics of issue 276:

0:00:00 — Intro, welcome, Abschweiferei
0:03:00 — Our sponsor NordVPN
0:04:54 — Annual Review 2021
1:06:09 — Outlook for 2022

The next edition of the play podcasts appear on 10 January 2022nd

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2021 Season Review with @Gill Gross | ATP & WTA | GTL Tennis Podcast #275
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