The Key Gent (Koninklijke At leek Associate Ghent) is a specialist football club from the Belgian Ghent. The association was founded on 1 January 1898 as well as is presently playing in the Department 1a. The Layer of Arms of the Stylized Sioux Chief came, since at the turn of the century Buffalo Costs (William Frederick Cody) moved with his Western circus via Europe and additionally made in Gent Station. There he began a wave of enthusiasm. The club came to be Belgian Master for the very first time in 2015. The Belgian Mug won the club 3 times.

Smith, which the Hamburgers launched in January at the Lambastes of Key Gent and then committed in the summer, looked at his personal annual review with mixed feelings. Often baked by injuries, the six of 2021 completed only 16 out of 36 possible lots. I did not have so many injuries in succession. I just had unlucky this year, the Scandinavian describes the stages unfamiliar to him.

It’s only a little more than half of the season, we have not reached anything yet.

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Eric Smith

That Smith knows the team knows when he stands in the square, proves his personal balance with eleven victories, two draws and three defeats. In this season (ten bets) received up to the last two games good personal notes with unfamiliar weak performances in Düsseldorf (Leihbasis-grade 5) and in Kiel (6), however, a Dell, ultimately, after ten league appearances, a cut of 3 is 3, 60 To Beech: You always have to start with yourself and that was not the level I expect from myself, shows the 24-year-old on the club’s own website self-critical.

As the leaders with six counters lead in place 3 St. Pauli has gone to the short winter break. Does not play a big role, says Smith: It’s just more than half of the season rum, we have not reached anything yet. That the team is on the right path, of course, can not be missed away, so Smith wanted Positive feeling also by no means small years. This makes it much easier to work because the mood is good and self-confidence great.

The start to the new year: AUE, Dortmund, HSV

Both are to be transported to the new year, which holds a crisp prelude for the Hamburg’s training for the Hamburg-Knacken: on the 15th of January, the Millerntor opposes AUE, it follows at home on January 18th the trophy highlight Against Dortmund and then the prestigious Derby at HSV on January 21st.

More than these three tasks, the defensive specialist initially did not focus. First, we start with the three games within six days and think further from game to game, SMITH’s effortlessly efforted floating. There is a little further, but then, however, says: We will not let up, but try to get better with every game.