Kent Smith (New York City, March 19, 1907 — Timberland Hills, California, April 23, 1985) was an American actor with an extensive artistic trajectory in movie, cinema and television.

There is a diversification of the creation of the game, and there are a large-scale work that makes a few people involved in hundreds of people. Nowadays, the word indie game has also penetrated the user. Perhaps a user who reads magazines will also have many people interested in indie games. What I would like to meet such demand, it is difficult to define what indication game. Therefore, a small-scale development the best game launched in 2021 was asked for the work lighter for works that understand the scale of the development team.

Death’s Door

—The when I fly to the sky now

Development: ACID Nerve
Supported models: PC / PS4 / PS5 / Xbox One / Xbox Series X | S / Nintendo Switch

Top 10 Best Indie Games of 2021

If the condition of small-scale development is a condition that boasts high quality in this fiscal year, the presence of Death’s Door is essential. Game design is Diving in the dungeon and solve mystery and defeat the boss. It is an starch royal road 3D action adventure represented by Zelda Legend, but the superior point of this work is that it is sophisticated with it.

Enemy group that boasts a combat action and sufficient variety that brings a light play feel while thrilling. A spacious dungeon that encourages the player to search for a reinforcement element compensation of battle. Not only is not only sister, but there are many blind spots, and the structure is fun that the reinforcement item is waiting there. In addition to accurately quoting the parts that consumers seeking from among the classic consisting of a huge sentence, we are focusing on achieving all the elements as enjoyable.

Visuals are also beautiful, and combining soft lighting that have a rich color expression and natural light with a texture like Clay Anime, making a cute toy, like a miniature toy, and a realistic real feeling to the world ING. Although the story of this work is a dark comedy with a circulation of life and death, thanks to this visual, heavy themes can also be swallowed into the mind.

Generally, Death’s Door is a work appropriate to call high quality, carefully cooking one element and cook carefully. It is amazing because it made this with 8 teams. From the old work Titan Souls focused only to defeat the boss, to Death’s Door included with a wide range of mechanics. The wings that spread largely will bring Acid Nerve to a further height.

By. Kabuki Kawabata


—The sticky stuffed

Development: Bug Games
Sales: bug games
Supported models: PC

Webbed is a small spider’s 2D action game of the main character. The Boyfriend’s spider is exposed to a large bird, and the story of going to rescue. The bird’s nest is in a very high place and can not be reached with the force of the spider. Therefore, we will help other insects living in the forest and rent their power. In this work, several insects such as bee and ant appeared in addition to the said. The character is rather deformed, and it can be produced that the movement is also created by observing the real thing. Still, it is strange that everyone looks like a lovely. For those who say, MRI!

The big feature of this work is an action using a spider thread. Like a Spider-Man web swing, you can fly around the forest vertically and horizontally. If you are in the tone, you will jump into the trap of the thorn, but it is refreshing when you get used to it. In addition, it is also possible to stretch threads between any two points. On the yarn, it can be used as a bridge to walk, fixing an object or mounting a spider’s nest and capturing an insect that fly around the air. Of course, it is also used for quest capture. The works that pursued the wake-up so far are rare, but have succeeded in losing to the game with certainty techniques that express the yarn of the spider.

The development of this work is that the establishment of the developer BUG GAMES has been in charge of almost all work, except for music production. It seems that it was completed while taking the prototype in the local game developer community and finished with the cooperation of friends in the test play. This work is a compact content of the team, but it was a level quest design that leverages the unique coffin action, and it was a work that can get a high satisfaction.

By. Tier Yamagata


—An to play one player, love from the developer

Development: HAPPY RAY GAMES
Selling: Humble Games
Supported models: PC / PlayStation 4 / Xbox One / Nintendo Switch

Grenfell is the RPG set in the magic world. Suddenly the main character Marines that can be used to be able to use her missing her sister to go to the Magic Academy Grenfell. It is a game that combines the story that is an active character and the strategic and nationality is attractive.

HAPPY RAY GAMES, who worked on this work, is a personal studio of Developer Chèvre Rey. Mr. Ray is responsible for the main part, such as game design, story, graphics, programming. As an external developer, AII & SURPASSED, which was the same as Lay, a lighter, a battle anime creator, and anime Stephen Universe, etc., participated.

The reason for choosing this work is that I felt warmth that I had to play the game so far. It is carefully made to the details, such as the story, the character of the character, and the setting items for gameplay, and as many people can enjoy as much as possible. Toward a person with all attributes, it is felt that you are gently stretching.

The most felt of warmth is the ending. Netgear avoids, but the characters are learning in the story, making it a shiny figure that glows up to the most out of their knowledge. It was the first time I was convinced as an ending that the character who has watched over the game has reached.

There is a way of thinking about synonyms to be called by others mainly in English. In this work, a plurality of non-binary (people who can not represent sex / female frameworks) have more than one, and each preferred pronoun. The commitment was firmly inherited in Japanese versions, and the HE / AIR pronounced I (Kana to) was hit. Localization is full of love.

Grenfell is a warm and kind work that affirm yourself.

By. Mao Ike mi


—Introcessive personal development survival craft from YouTube

Development: DANI
Sales: DANI
Supported models: PC

Speaking of personalization games that make a noise this year’s game industry, it will still be this Muck. The main work of developing from the fact that development started because it was scolded in YouTube’s comments, and the development started because it was beaten by being scolded. The STEAM review has become a smash hit work very popular over 100,000. Dani, Dani, has been published with a video that has reached development of this work on your YouTube channel.

There is no doubt that Dani’s original name and this work was free, but it is bigger than that, but it is bigger than that Land. As mentioned above, Dani’s man recognized by Dani, this work is greatly influenced by RISK OF RAIN 2, and in addition to the standard survival craft elements, random upgrades from treasure chests and died once A rogue-like element is incorporated from the first day in the state. This is a combination of severe difficulty level settings and creating mysterious activity.

The graphics and UI / UX of MUCK that can not be helped from the development process can not be used to flatter. And multi-play survival crafts are saturated genres. Even though it is possible to provide a new game experience so far, it will not be anyone else because Dani’s sense is excellent. And it is proved that the game balance of MUCK is not a miracle product that has come up by chance. For example, Dani has announced the title CRAB GAME that is completely irrelevant to Korea’s Survival Drama series Squid Game in Netflix, which is a great deal of margin. Ing. Dani is definitely a person who has definitely expressed this year as an individual developer, and his future activities will also be attracting attention.

By. Mizuki Ashikaga

A year of spring

—You is a broken human

Development: NPC KC
Sales: NPC KC
Supported models: PC / MAC / Linux / PS5 / PS4 / Xbox One / Nintendo Switch

For example, you may hear and sympathize with your favorite love song. I’m going to watch the drama of the month, or I will try to think about the insurance CM and I think about future families. And you may think of a hot spring advertisement and think that it is a bit good. But when there is a world is to you. This is not all for you.

I didn’t like it very much, one of the protagonists of the short-story ADV collection A YEAR OF SPRINGS. She is born, and her body is a man, her heart is a woman’s transgender. That’s good. She would have trouble. But this Hull is a strange sense of self-affirmation. Every time her friend gives her a little her mind to her, she falls into self-hatred with her. It is repeated. How much does it go too much. I was thinking so far.

Such a broken person and Hull expressed himself. Broken man. I can not do it. Anyone will suffer from the person’s statue you are looking for from the surroundings and their real gaps. Why didn’t you have a proper person? She may want to blame your own defective product. While anyone happens, everyone is the wall that has been overcome. It is also the same Hal. Just because she was different Kit. Law and system and society did not deny that no one is broken human. That’s the difference.

This work has been mostly developed by developer NPC KC, and a minimized development system that KOIZUMI worked by composer music. It is a work that you want to play with such a wound that has been negated that you are himself.

By. Yuri Kurosawa

Road 96

—Load trip driven by Driven

Development: Digital
Sales: Digital / Ravens court (Koch Media)
Supported models: PC / Nintendo Switch

Road trip adventure game to escape from a country that has been decentralized. If success or failing to be across borders, it has become a structure that starts from the beginning as another escape person. However, the influence of the behavior by the escape person who operated before is not reset. The stories of the characters that meet in the way will continue. It will repeat the escape play and repeat the encounter and farewell and repeat their life.

Does your own behavior, whether to encourage the change in the election, or break the revolution of the ability to exercise or be stalled? Only the root activity of grass by one escape person can not change the ambient human concept and the end of the nation. However, if you stack two people, three people, something may change anyway. Such possibilities are presented by Sarthe, which uses the repeated game structure. Road trips, departing as a story that draws a journey to draw a society and go to a viewpoint to look at the society.

As the escape person and the people are placed, and the pleasure of the individual goal of overlapping the play is reduced, the proportion of Diego Achievement increases in motivation that continues playing go. Sometimes it is also possible to provide an option to get to give up an individual’s dream (bumping) for the majority. At first glance, it looks like a choice that produces conflict, but the escape person who is operating from the player is only a disposable piece, and there is no room for almost conflict. Thinking will flow to the sacrifices and individuals and themselves. It was interested in that it was a bit scary and dangerous.

The messageability of the iterative structure and the story that became a local and outermost layer, created by the 15 core member 15 people, and the message property of the story is really like indie game.

By. Yuri Ishim


—Ideas and wisdom challenge

Development: Namatakahashi
Sales: Namatakahashi
Supported models: PC

2D action puzzle game using current. When I asked only the theme, it seems to be one of the games that I can see in Steam etc. However, this work is packed with increasingly rich ideas. And these game frameworks were made by one of the people, such as Mr. Rink.

Elected, the gimmick itself is simple. Electric flows into adjacent objects of the main character EYE. Use it. You can throw your own head, but this current flow is a law that holds the key of this work. The mechanism and rules are also simple.

However, the tongue is wound around the drawer. The vertical gimmicks are vertical gimmicks, tricks using human cognition, such as their hand trains with this hand of that hand. As it becomes a species, the mention of a specific device is avoided, but it is impressed that it is a well-balanced variation. The rules are simple, and the handbooks brought from the game side are also limited. It will be a genuine brain. It is not just mystery solving, but players and developers fight with the developer. After playing this game, the brain is always hot enough. Head overheats. It is no longer an exaggeration to say that it is no longer challenging humanity.

This work is just only one person who happened to be such excellent works. However, speaking of paradoxically, excellent works have been proved again. Of course, Raw Bridge often mentions that he has been supported by a number of developers, such as test play, and it will not be created by one without help. Still one major developer. Volume is not huge, and visual is also simple. However, with overwhelming ideas, users have succeeded in delivering unique experiences to users. If you even idea, you can make a wonderful work alone. Not only the completeness as a game, but also in the sense that indicates the possibility of creating a game, I want to select Elected to one of the indie games representing 2021.

By. Ayuo Keybase

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