Everest is a 3D fantasy-themed enormously multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) originally developed by Verdant Interactive as well as 989 Studios for Windows PCs. It was released by Sony Online Amusement in March 1999 in North America, as well as by Ubisoft in Europe in April 2000. A specialized version for macOS was released in June 2003, which operated for ten years before being shut down in November 2013. In June 2000, Verdant Interactive was soaked up into Sony Online Enjoyment, who took control of complete development and also posting duties of the title. Later, in February 2015, SOE’s moms and dad firm, Sony Computer Home entertainment, marketed the workshop to financial investment business Columbus Nova and was rebranded as Daybreak Game Business, which remains to create and also publish Everest.
It was the initial commercially effective MMORPG to employ a 3D game engine, and its success got on an extraordinary range. Everest has actually had a wide impact on subsequent launches within the marketplace, and holds an important setting in the background of enormously multiplayer online games.
The game exceeded early subscription expectations as well as increased in appeal for numerous years after its launch. It is currently taken into consideration one of the best video games ever before made. It has actually obtained countless honors, consisting of the 1999 GameS pot Game of the Year and a 2007 Technology & Engineering Emmy Honor. While dozens of comparable games have reoccurred throughout the years, Everest still withstands as a practical company with brand-new expansions still being launched regularly, over twenty years after its first launch. It has actually spawned a number of spin-off media, consisting of publications and also computer game, in addition to a follow-up, Everest II, which released in 2004.

It is finally the end of 2021 today. In the game industry, Decathlon and intense characters that are distinctive by the distinctive art design and the game system have impressed the Biohazard Village, the two-person cooperative play-only title IT Takes Two A number of titles, such as, were called topics.

Looking back on such a year, GAME SPARK annual year-old prostitution Game I would like to send you the most enjoyable game for the first year. This time, as the title of the release of the release, as OK, the most enjoyed title is said to give one title from each editor & lighter to the selection criteria instead of the most enjoyed title.

Mid: Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy

Beautiful graphic planets and colonies SF stage, license songs that are used effectively in the work, 80s wind original band, always interruption, and combat, combat with companionship with friends, A single game with many great points, such as a scenario of the chest hot expansion that makes the player a bit docked. You can enjoy a dense experience that will remind you of one game.

The story is completely independent and is okay for comics and movies not yet. There is a feeling of being buried in Japan, but it is not late from now! I do not know the original… Marvel’s Avengers MARVEL’s Avengers It is not super more than not played… I’m not going to play!

Large salt: Battlefield series

This year was the release year of Battlefield 2042. It was November that it was released, but Battlefield 4, Battlefield 1 of the previous work, Battlefield 1 of the previous work, Battlefield 4, which is the stage of the modern war of the last (8 years ago), is A player who is looking forward to 2042 is a player, and I also rushed around the Garfield around the world, North Africa, Shanghai, and Shanghai.

Experience the battlefield of 2042 from November. There are many problems, and as a series of fans, it is a situation that is worried about in the future, but 4 and V were not necessarily reputable at first. The street resurrected until now, and 2042 was good… I am looking forward to it!

Wheat Autumn: The Artful Escape

The game with music was a few of the many games There was no good music action as much as possible! When I got ended, the tension was too high, and I was moved by tears.

The guitarist youth that was likely to be crushed in the single field is a tour live that places the galaxy from the galaxy, and the adventure to grab the best sound and the strongest themselves.

The grabbing is perfect at the beginning. Surrounding the guitar using the whole body, such as the SF epic to the Galaxy, shock penetrating the brain! An artistic atmosphere may choose a person, but personally it is the most addicted title in 2021.

cluster1um: Chernobyl ite

Huh! ? Can I survive in the Chernobyl district? ? Latter!

Geiger Counter Collect information on one hand, collect food, collect bullets, · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·.

This work with the environmental sound and the beautiful graphic enhancing the sense of immersion. He liked Survival and loving and loving SF and favorite atmosphere of the east side.

Russo: Life Is Strange: True Colors

Top 25 BEST Games of 2021 -  Including Our Game of the Year

Speaking of play time, it is HADES that played with GAME PASS, but as a way of heat, it was Life Is Strange: True Colors. Overall configuration and development are close to the first train, and it is relieved as a fan. If the route of Life Is Strange 2 does not match, I want people to play this work.

This work will be fun in the future of the Life Strange series. I would like to play again if the Japanese version is released. GAME SPARK has published the play report of the overseas version Life Is Strange True Colors, so please take a look.

Night sky CHI: Nikola Vol. 4

Television anime in ODD, a visual novel Nebula series, which is loved all over the world that does not stop breaking up, the fourth edition.

I have focused on the inner surface of each of love for each series, but in this work, I will face my own way of life, and I will felt the bond with all love ecologists It is like a work.

The taste of the illustration is also changed, and it is a work that seems to be able to enjoy the sweet and melted stories with them who are happy to be a marshmallow.

There is no doubt that you will be robbed of high quality LIVE 2D animation that will continue to move. Since additional patches are also sold, please consider if you have reached the purchasable age.

CHANDLER: Tales of Arise

I finally got PS5 in August, and at first I was doing Demons Seoul, but when I get a troop, I thought that I want to do something PS5 new game…, Just the release date was close So make a reservation and purchase. The Tales series was from Hesperia, but the graphics are also beautiful than I thought, and the characters are also attractive. The battle has a feeling of exhilaration, and the character of the characters RPG is good because RPG is good! I was convinced (especially I like Boost Strike in Alien and Lynn well ). Of course, I have been addicted enough to finish all embedded elements.

By the way, I said that Lynn well cute!, But recently she knew that she was 14 years old, and she stopped saying….

Fun: Crusader Kings III

While the fun of the work itself, I was producing MOD exclusively. The developer of this work has previously encouraged MOD, but this work is a mechanism that can be modified, especially with high degree of freedom, rules or interfaces. The published MOD was used for many users, regardless of domestic and overseas, and received words of gratitude from developers. MOD author This is that it is exhausted.

Unfortunately, there are not many companies that still take strict posture against MOD. However, MOD also has a plus aspect that enliven the work community. I hope you hope that MOD culture has a good shape.

Wash: Encased: a sci-fi post-apocalyptic RPG

I’m a trailing gamer who puts my hand in various titles and stopped before clearing, but ENCASED: A SCI-Fi Post-ApoCalyptic RPG has been immersed until ending. Anomalies Post-Apocalypse Wind World View, Multi-Power Focusing on Listing, Definition of Problem-Solving Due to Character Make…, I’m stuck in the stabbed people It is RPG with a plump.

It was particularly good that the role-play with the background of the main character. Affiliation, called wing, has a rough background, such as administrators and scientists, which may be presented based on it. Because the wing is also set to NPC, it was induced naturally to the judgment by emotion that is not a reasonable feeling such as whether it is a friend I do not eat it.

Skilling: New Aarush This Sakai

Even if it is not a full course, even if luxurious ingredients are not riding, the dishes of one dish made carefully will bring you a satisfaction that you want to eat. Even if it changed from ramen to curry, the taste of Super dumplings are alive.

The field size and volume are not available in the AAA class, but the unable to read two-way three-way stories, this also be a battle system that is busy with this, and the music full of music, and also runs around this Shibuya Local sense. It is an ensemble without a certain number of gaps mixed with ingredients, spices and rice in a plate. It was not heavy. I wanted to meet another plate, but I thought it was a volume with a good satisfaction.

Kurosawa : Final Fantasy XIV

This year’s new expansion package is also released! The story that continued for 8 years from Shine Korea is finally completed, and the story and the bow line have been released so far, Eh… it will touch it so… This work is The more you like, the more excited because the impression is also a big bomb that was piled up!

Some quests also had a part of the tempo by a new system, but I think the scenario was a wonderful story that is suitable for Finale ! Since another story starts from the next update, it will not stop expectations from now!

Sakai Jo vision: Cloud Gardens

Post-apocalyptic is a video game flower-shaped genre, and a number of titles that survive while fighting with zombies and scavengers in the city that lost their functions has been created so far. Under such circumstances, I showed the end of the world from quite different approaches, Cloud Gardens.

The basis is a puzzle game design, but in a nutshell, it is aquarium and bonsai of post apocalypse. Planting grass and flower seeds on maps on the map of highways, railways and parking lots, placing objects such as tires and signs Will be born. It seems that there are several tens of… after the end of the world, it should be a hundred of years.

Post-apocalyptic is one of the ways in the world, and it is one of the attractiveness to imagine the beauty of the end of the world, but it must be a strong impression that it is strongly impressed by having shown beauty from a surprising direction..

Kemerovo: Monster Hunter Double Cross Nintendo Switch Very.

Since the Monday heat did not fit even after the Rise clear of the series the latest work, we have been working on this opportunity to have this work that has missed the timing to play so far. Since it is a work for 3DS, which is a portable machine, graphic is seen as compared to World and Rise, but it will stop and decide the recovery medicine and decide the drying guts pose, and shake the insects I felt nostalgic and nostalgic.

Since Shogun Giza mi, who has been releasing revival in Sun brae, which is an overwhelming volume that can be said to be a compilation of the mobile phone version Monday, and there is also a series of Rise, Sam brae. You may want to play with the meaning of enhancing your feelings.

MR. KATH: Road 96

It is a work that also wrote the play report, but I will continue to play many times from that. A protagonist who is a young person who is not going to escape the dictatorship that is trying to reach a large change will interact with the unique and attractive characters, and the casual option changes the end of the country. In a random omnibus story, the system that the former main character’s leftovers affect the world’s view of the new hero will spin an event or story that you don’t know much even if you play.

The BGM atmosphere is also suitable for the event, and the sense of play as if it has entered the world of road movies is not diminished. There is no freedom, and it is the best free adventure on the Diane.

Ray: IT Takes Two

There was no game matching with the field, and I always thought it was a very heavy game to find a specific partner and to detain it until clear. However, if one play has played the game, it was aware of the game with two players, sold by two people, or selling it with various hard, and he has lowered as much noodles as possible.

Everything is just a gimmick that can not be exceeded, but sometimes it was very happy that two people can have a battle with a simple mini-game. It was a wonderful game that is a newer mixed with the old way to split the screen online!

Shinji-COO-K: Warframe

A gem of attachment time exceeding 1100 hours. I will not get tired because the event comes regularly in the ongoing game, and there are a lot of elements that take time, and a large amount of content. Because there is a time for short time! Many content that takes time to buy a time-short charge is a development company, a sales company, Digital Extremes, a sales company, is a bad company……, even if it is a charge, the sale of the internal billing currency is coming If you are charging, it will charge!

So If it is a ninja Has it’s a ninja, it’s paid (?) There is only one ninja-like frame. Surely I will do it next year, now I’m making a robot called Nicole to play a new War.

G. Suzuki: R-Type final 2

The game I enjoyed most of 2021 was R-type final 2 in Grander. Various titles have been released in 2021, but they look back as the most enjoyable, but it is always a work to wear the mind.

The sense of accomplishment and pleasure when clearing the difficult stage by return resurrection through Seoul-like games have been relieved. I think I was able to attend at the moment the genre of STG changed significantly. Since writing and writing, the ripening is increasing because of the continuous update, and it is not perfect for balance, and it is a title that you want to pay / play in the future.

Amex: Global Assortment 51

Feel free to enjoy people and table games like portal sites in the early 2000s-. It was this work that I felt such a wish. My CHI Dashiki Game is the strongest game Backgammon where all luck, strategy and respondents are tried. It is scratched to the ball that there are not many opponents (by way, Japan is a Backgammon strong country, and the Japanese championships in the World Championship of Monticello 2021 again.

But don’t worry. This game’s online match can select and match the game to play until the third choice, and you can play the time for your life while matching. Even if there are few people in backgammon, never become a. How about looking at the world of classical games at this time of the New Year?


This year in March this year, I was able to buy PS5 by winning the Sony Store leading lot, and I was not able to play PS5, I was not able to play only Warframe, and I’m great.

Recently, I have added a new year-end-of-year-old content that was the end of the year-end of the year, which is a few years from the announcement, but I’m wondering the new War related new War related, but the important scenario quest is clear 5- Six hours, depending on the person, I hear that it takes about 10 hours, and it can be played during the New Year holiday……

And next mounting is a long-awaited cross play & cross save! Looking back on the Digital Extremes so far, it seems to be normal, but it seems to be normal (laughs at the end of 2022!)

The above was Games editors & lighter 2021 most enjoyable game. The game industry where The Game Award 2021 is open, with the effect of new corona, which is still the effect of THE GAME AWARD 2021 is held offline. The trend of the PS5 supply situation is also concerned about the full-world-focused new action RPG Elder Ring that the Form Software is presented, Horizon Forbidden West and Ding Light 2 Stay, which is the sequel to the popular series. A number of topic works such as Human are launched.

How many games will happen next year? While expecting new work from now on, let’s have a bright new year!