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Three Africa Cup games laid

After the mass panic with at least eight dead, two quarter-finals and a semi-final game of the Africa Cup in Cameroon have now been relocated to another stadium, the Continental Association CAF announced.

A quarter-final duel set for Sunday takes place in the Ahmad Video Stadium instead of the State d’Plebe. Another quarter-finals on Sunday and a semi-final on Tuesday will now be kicked off in the Tacoma Stadium in Douala in the Video Stadium. The Ahmad Video Stadium and the State d’Plebe are located in the capital, June.

In the case of a mass panic, the Plebe Stadium had been killed between hosts and the Comoros (2: 1) on Monday eight people and 38 injured in front of the Sleeve Stadium.

For the other semi-final, which is to be held in the Sleeve stadium, the association has not yet known a decision. These depend on the results of an investigation of mass panic. You must first check the report before the semifinals can take place in the Sleeve Stadium next Thursday. The discharge of the final on February 6 in the Sleeve stadium is also questionable and will depend on the results of the investigation.

The association also called for assurance and guarantee that appropriate and adequate measures have been taken to ensure that a similar incident in the Sleeve Stadium will not be re-occurred.

NBA News: Farewell to the Brooklyn Nets? James Harden wants to be free agent

James Harden might already become free agent in the summer and, according to media reports, the Superstar of the Brooklyn Nets toying to do not pull his player option. Harden could thus be contactless for the first time in his career.

As Jake Fischer reports from the bleach Report, harden does not have the clear intention its player option over $47.4 million. Instead, the Guard wants to sign a new, long-term contract. Already last September, the 32-year-old indicated this, even if he pointed out that he would feel comfortable in Brooklyn.

I was never free agent, I was always loyal and pretended to extend my contracts prematurely, Harden told then to emphasize that Brooklyn has the best cards. I want to leave my time. But it would be damn hard to leave this team around Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving.

At this time, however, it was not clear that Irving could only incur in away games. According to Fischer, this is a circumstance that causes frustration for harden. In addition, the former MVP should be dissatisfied with the ever-changing rotations of Coach Steve Nash. Furthermore, harden enjoy life in Brooklyn, according to several sources, not as much as he did in Houston.

Trade rumors: Wilder Miami with the Rockets?

James Harden: Philadelphia 76er as an option in summer?

A trade during the season is not in question for harden, but everything beyond the season is completely open. Most money could continue to collect the Guard in New York, but only the Nets could offer him an extension over five years and $270 million. Other teams could only offer four years and 200 million.

One of these other teams may be Philadelphia 76ers. For a good week, the Mixers are associated with harden. The rumor is that the Mixers could wait with a trade of Ben Simmons to attract Harden in the course of a sign-and-trade deal to Philadelphia.

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There could be hardened again on his former Boss Daryl Morey, which is now head of the Mixers and worked successfully over eight years with harden in Houston. In this season, however, the ninefold all-star has reduced a bit, his point cut (22.7 RPG) is as low as last as the last OK season when the beard was still from the bank.

Shortly before Olympia: Player Association demands pause in the DEL

With a view to the international tournament, where our national team for ice hockey-Germany participates in the sense of the Olympic idea, as well as the planned catch-up games in the DEL, there is a minimum of reducing any risks in the coming days and the chance of player isolation the best possible To optimize, wrote the SVE on Tuesday.

On Tuesday, the German Ice Hockey Band released the squad for the winter games in Beijing. Deb sports director Christian Kuwait reacted with consent: My private opinion is: if you stop, we would certainly help us.


My private opinion is: If you stop, we would certainly help us.

Deb sports director Christian Kuwait

Currently, there are several teams in the DEL in quarantine. Many games fall out and need to be made up; Among other things, during the originally planned Olympic break in February.

Deb team flies well in two groups to China

On Monday, the Eagles from Mannheim once again made a Corona outbreak with 14 positive cases. According to information from the Mannheimer tomorrow, players are also affected, which stand in the German Olympic squad. We will not comment names, Kuwait said, but admitted: It may already be that only 22 fly to China and three come. The German team starts on 2 February.

Suspension of the del games unrealistic

According to DPA information, a short-term suspension of the del games until the coming weekend is to protect the Olympic drivers unrealistic. The current game operation was also coordinated with the deb.

The current statements of the DEL

It is picked up! Todays STEAM Featured Gee 3 Selection [January 25, 2022]

Steam where many new titles appear every day. I would like to check the high-attention new work, but there are many people who can not catch up with the release of the release?

Therefore, the GAME SPARK editorial department within 3 days with early access and formal release Condition of has exceeded 100 cases (whether the number of popularity and unpopularity) is more than 100 Introduce the new title of the freshly picked and picked new title! Check out in this article if any title is attracting attention to Steam now.

Hidden Deep

This work is a movie object X object X alien alien and game HALF-LIFE, such as a year-old masterpiece, which is inspired from a masterpiece of the 80-year-90’s, 2D It is an adventure. Players will advance the way using scanners, roses, heavy machines, etc. It also supports local CO-OP play, and it is possible to play while cooperating with friends.



PS VITA, SF Adventure’s STEAM version, which was popular with Nintendo Switch, has finally been released. This work is the SF Agnosia game that ramps the alpha Gossip that is confused in the crew on the inside of the spacecraft. The player is randomly or Gossip, except for a specific time. We will repeat the circle, train skills, etc., and make it easy to get more desirable results.

SEX with Hitler (for adults)

This work is a top-down shooter that draws the story of the General and 5 heroines on the stage at the bottom of the World War II. There is also a visual novel element, and a new story that has been mixed with a centrality and union and Axis, which has lost everything, and a new story with an enemy. It also supports Japanese interfaces.

Africa-Cup: Several dead at Mass panic in front of Cameroon

The death of at least eight people at a mass panic has overshadowed the collection of host Cameroon in the quarterfinals of the Africa Cup. This reported the news agency AFP with appeal to a preliminary report by the Cameroonian Ministry of Health.

Accordingly, at least 50 people were injured at the crowd before the stadium in the capital June on Monday evening.


The panic should have been triggered in front of the southern entrance of the Sleeve Stadium before the eighth place of the host against the Comoros (2: 1). Due to Corona specifications, the capacity of the stadium was reduced from actually 60,000 to 48,000 visitors.

The Ministry said the victims were immediately in ambulance, but heavy traffic slowed the transport. The African Continental Association CAF shared with, he examines the situation and attempts to learn more details about the events. On Tuesday morning, the association wants to hold a crisis meeting with the Organizing Committee.

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Cameroon should already align the African Nations Cup in 2019, but the event was relocated in the short term to Egypt. The CAF was based on delays in the construction of stadiums and infrastructure projects as well as with security defects.

Brutal survival horror under the sea: Hidden Deep you can play today!

An abyss without end and under the surface of the sea: Hidden Deep will get you in claustrophobic cave systems, where you always have to be on the hat. Strange creatures are waiting in the dark and every sound could scare them. The Brutal Survival Horror of Cogwheel Software can be played on Steam from today!

Hidden Deep was created by only one developer. He has succeeded in a 2D mystery survival adventure , in which every false step could be your last. It controls a soldier penetrating into the depths of a mysterious cave system under the sea to save a lost research group. While she is getting deeper and deeper into the darkness, but you expect even greater dangers than just steep slopes.

Share Hidden Deep in the Early Access Trailer.

With different devices such as a Undertaken , which you can throw, weapons or scanners are helping you through the sloping cave system, where you are dead immediately, should crash. Only tactics and accuracy can save you; Especially when you meet the monsters in the depths.

Hidden Deep appears on January 24 in Early Access

HIDDEN DEEP is available on the beginning of today and can be purchased from 19 o’clock in the Early Access. is planned in the early access phase, among other things, a coming multiplayer mode , so you do not alone buy the Sneak caves. The story of the game meanwhile offers a length of about 20 hours ; Depending on how well you are on.

NOAH MORE CRUSTING GAMES that let your hair stand for mountains:

When Hidden Deep goes to the full release, has not yet been known. The game was developed by the Polish one-person studio Cogwheel software and issued by the German Publisher Daedalus Entertainment.

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Ten DHB players go on the way home

The positive tested Luca Withe (Leipzig) and Lukas Martens (Magdeburg) traveled on Sunday as well as Christoph Steiner (Erlangen), Till Glimpse (Regular), Fibril M’dengue (Porto) and Sebastian Firer (Erlangen).

Like DHB sports director Axel Kramer after the Sweden game (21:25) announced, four more national players will leave the German EM district in Bratislava on Monday. Two candidates will remain here, where we still have the hope that they may be able to run against Russia, said Kramer.

Even on Friday, national coach Alfred Gílson had expressed hope for a return of some positively tested players. However, the comeback of Hendrik Wagner, who was allowed to leave Corona isolation after two negative PCR tests as the first DHB actor and gave his EM debut on Sunday evening, did not run as desired.

Overall, there were 13 corona cases in the German team so far, including several power carriers such as goalkeepers Andreas Wolff, the back room players Julius Kuhn and Kai Hefner and right outside Time Fastening. We all have presented ourselves something else for this tournament, but of course, in advance, we have prepared us on return journey from infections, Kramer said, We wish all the mild lovers as possible and a quick return on one hundred percent fitness.

Medical release necessary

The return journey has also been accelerated because for the Grow the positively tested players the opportunities for a re-entry into the tournament dwindle. After two negative PCR tests, a medical release would also be necessary. This would be based on a sports medical and cardio logical examination in the Universityikum Vienna – at Wagner there was the release. The rest is known.

Daemon X Machina is the free game of next week on Epic Games Store

The EPIC Games Store has a story with the free distribution of digital game copies at its user base. Some time ago, during the holidays, he put Prey and Control on this list for a limited time. And next week, for a limited time, the much daemon X machine shooter will be a free pickup for any pretty diligent person to catch it.

Daemon X Machine, released for the first time on Nintendo Switch, received a PC port some time ago. Our own critic has been seduced by the title, saying, As long as anime fan, play Daemon X Machine was a combination of watching my favorite anime based on Techs like Voids and Gun dam and play my Much games Preferred like Titan fall and Custom Robot. The fans of the genus Much will find a lot to love with this PC port of an instant classic of Nintendo Switch.


The game has developers related to the Armored Core franchise, another popular title based on robots that could soon see a new episode. Given the excitement that reigns there, it is not unreasonable that people have great expectations for Daemon X Machine. And looking at the reception of the game… Yes, it seems to have done a good job.

As with all the free versions of Epic Games Store, there is no limited amount of items or strange hoops to cross. Simply open the game store page and add it to your account, as simple as possible.

What are your impressions on Daemon X Machine? If you do not have the game yet, will you get it back now? We would like to hear from you in the comments below!

FC Bayern stays in the break “Dahoam”


Julian Nagelsmann wants to take the break in the Football Bundesliga for concentrated training in Munich. We have had some corona infected ones, which could be a little train. We are glad that we can train normally. We already had three weeks with reduced staff. Now are all there again, said the Bayern coach after the 4: 1 On Sunday evening at Bertha BSC, with which the Munich as a league leader attracted her six-point projection. Because of international matches in non-European confederations, the next Bundesliga match day is only on the next weekend. Bavaria meets on 5 February on RB Leipzig. We can use the week, said Nagelsmann. But much stressed players would get free on the weekend and coming Monday. I would not say winter break. Training week is doing better, said Nagelsmann.

Yes, World of Warcraft should go on Free-to

World of Warcraft and Free-to-play.

A few years ago, such a scenario seemed impossible to fulfill, but recent events – and we do not talk at all about buying Blizzard by Microsoft, but all those who met swap in 2021 – suggest that something can be on things.

Especially since after this great transaction on the network there were rumors / plots that WOW had to change the payment model after entering the hands of Microsoft.

Free-to-play seems obvious choice.

And you share this enthusiasm. As many as 74% of respondents are of the opinion that World of Warcraft should go to a free business model.

Because even if such a free-to-play was not too honest, it would have been a huge, enormous, gigantic inflow of people. Zeroth would fly from millions of new users who did not want or could not pay a monthly subscription.


Blizzard / Microsoft must change something in the WOW function. He must also regain the trust of the community, and yet it is best to do it by offering the biggest game model in history for free.

The reverse sentence is 26% of respondents. For them World of Warcraft should remain on a subscription model.

Honestly, we understand the fear of such people. Pay-to-play guarantees no P2W, but also provides a relative culture on servers. It is not known what happens if young toxic people known from such titles have entered… We do not want to exchange game names, but everyone knows who we are talking about.

Thank you for all the voices and welcome to the new-old questionnaire.

Return to Guild Wars 2 after the premiere of the End Of Dragons supplement?

Yes, for sure

I’m not interested

I never played in GW2 and I do not have this intention


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