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Some things world of Warcraft are hard to pay. How about this render — for which someone has paid over 4,000 euros now.

Even if you can work out most things in the game in the large MMORPG World of Warcraft, there is a number of riding, pets and toys that you only get about detours — such as the use of real money. But we do not mean this time a riding for 20 euros from the shop, but a real rarity.

What happened? On the auction platform eBay went a WoW riding for a pretty proud price. The buyer has laid on the table, which has a value of around €4.300! That was the salted price for a small piece of printed cardboard, because it’s about the spectral.

What is this for a riding? The spectral tiger is basically the model of a classic night elf sable, but with a special twist. The sable is transparent and therefore has its spectral name. In World of Warcraft, he is alone because of its rarity a RAR sight, although there are other ribs with a similar look — but no variant of the spectral tiger.

Why is the riding so expensive? The reason for this is that you can only get the riding of physical playing cards from the mentioned World of Warcraft Trading Card Game. However, the game was set years ago, new cards have been not printed for a long time.

In the Trading Card Game there were so-called Loot Cards, which have printed a small code. The code can be redeemed in World of Warcraft at an NPC and then grants with the respective prey.

In other words, all spectral cards that are currently in circulation will probably be the only ones who ever exist. The card was extremely rare at that time and each year reduces the number of cards that are still unused in circulation.

Whether the cards bought for the self-use, or should be resold later, is not known — but a rare card could also be a solid value system.

Could you imagine ever to spend so much money for a playing card with In game Riding? Or is this an astronomical sum that can never be worth?

World of Warcraft rendering step-by-step (3.3.5a) 2
Incidentally, almost a year ago, a pet went expensive over the table — for €3,000.