The Grand Theft Auto V music are a collection of numerous music, often unpublished. As the previous games of the series, the soundtrack of the game is greatly composed by radio stations. There are 22 radios stations in Grand Theft Auto V, 19 music and also 2 of discussions. The game’s Soundtrack is rewarded with Soundtrack of the year at the 2013 VAX. This Soundtrack has actually been completely realized by Rockstar Games, and it’s an initial for the series.

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Rockstar Games Open World Climb Action Grand Safety Auto III Grand Sarto Auto Vice City Grand Left Auto San Andreas A remastered version Grand, Left Auto: Trilogy: Detectioned version was released from November 11, 2022.

However, the online service of the game sales / delivery platform Rockstar Games Launcher operated by the company will stop on the day of the sale, and the PC version can not be purchased. Thereafter, although the service has recovered, it took a while to start selling PC versions as deleting the contained file as a result.

And the quality of the liver remaster is not good, but a lot of partial expressions that seem to be defective and handbill are awareness, it is criticized from fans around the world. In addition, isn’t it one of the reasons that the original version delivered in each digital download store, including STEAM, has not been sold before the release of this work? The company who led this situation apologizes and explains the future response.

Such a whirlpool, I want you to write an article about this work about this work from the Game Spark Editorial Department. It is a fluffy content, but originally, I was interested in the series before GTA IV and I was interested in what kind of thing I was in play.

In particular, Grandest Auto San Andreas (hereinafter referred to as GTA: SA) is loved by the fans as a leading masterpiece, GTA: SA The main character’s CJ laughs with a common sense I was worried about the rumor of the net, such as the scale of the field is about the United States, and I wanted to play someday.

Immediately, playing the PS5 version of this work…… The lower the quality of the remastered was the first look of the first look. The game has become impressive, and the left and right stick operations did not work, and a problem occurred many times in a few hours of play. It takes time to think of I’m not a deadline, and I’m going to stop until I get updated….

And December 1, 2021, an update that includes a few GB, which includes defects and adjustment of remaster, etc. will be delivered for all platforms. After that, since the above-mentioned failure has not occurred, I finally resumed play.

Really CJ was not a common sense

Knowing his mother’s sad news and returned to his hometown Los Santos, Karl Johnson, Karl Johnson, who once belonged to the gang Grove Street Families that they belonged was falling against weak and small power. Therefore, it will be possible to contract dangerous work with his fellow to regain his past glory.

However, the handwriting of murder will be dressed in the corruption police officer, and the betrayed appears in the fellow, and the client of the work is only a guy who is a guy… CJ will have a head in a troubled trouble one after another It will be.

Under such circumstances, a calm decision is required. Occasionally, CJ takes common sense behavior, but he may be one of the factors, but I felt that it was a skilled skill to avoid troubles. Certainly, even if the sister’s lover’s Caesar is a Hispanic system with different races, there is a good idea to listen to the talk of Caesar and recognize the dating with your sister, but one of them is unnecessary murder. Even with the criminals that have been released from the fictional apartment, they also have a psycho-passed side, and have a psycho-passed, and have a psychopath, and have a psychopath, and have a psycho-passed manner, also working with a match pump, such as a match pump that rescues women from a flame-up apartment to the habit of a fictional apartment, and a match pump that is released by the agility of the apartment. It can not be done.

However, CJ does not look like a common sense when compared with the intense character including the Catarina of the personality that appears in this work. There is no mistake that he is a hazardous person.

GTA: SA was a game from GTA IV

I think that a variety of missions are available in good work.

Operate the radio control, destroy the enemy vehicle, shoot the target from a camera, and get into the target without being found in the enemy’s house, and carry out the forklift and carry things with a forklift and car chase. As not only, I did not feel monotonously during play.

Among them, a diving mission is required that CJ’s lung activity is required in particular. I was not able to receive a mission because he did not train at all, because he did not train at all. This work was monotonous in ~ ~ ~ ~ ~, but Sorry was scented and felt interesting.

In the sequel GTA IV released in 2008, the real route rudder is rudder, and film-like production is used, and it becomes a mission with only a gunshot and car chase compared to this work, and another It became like a game, and pros and cons between fans had occurred.

I like the story and operability of GTA IV, but I felt that GTA: SA was won the fun of the mission.

As an aside, I knew the beauty of chainsaw at GTA: SA. Why does this exhilarating close weapon not appeared in the sequel… still it became a real route?

Also, in the originally, the elements of the snake foot that the authors felt negative were paused by the sense of camera of this work. For example, a wealth of mini-games.

Gangti to take ridges from the hostile or organization, Gym to increase CJ’s ability value, CAI’s roulette, driving technique, Horse Racing…… These mini-games have been far away from the main skin, It feels like a snake foot, but in the case of this work, there was a surprise called such a thing.. However, it is a fact that there was a mini-game that feels stress, but it was also able to play while laughing with flagella.

In addition, if you do an excessive meal, it feels that it would lose weight when you fail and die, then I felt it was at first, but looking at the figure of CJ that appears in the story part ? A little fat? Caligari………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. This was not a foolish element, but it was an element to deepen CJ attachment….

And I felt the most attractive game of this era game. I was carrying out a mission that killed combine and killing the enemy, but the combine during operation was a force that collides with the enemy’s car, and it was rising like a beetle who is doing stag and a joint match.. Unfortunately because of this, it became a game…… If possible, I thought that such funny accidents wanted again.

Now I think that there is also a factor that the play video of this work is up with YouTube and Nico Doug, etc., but maybe there is also a lot of types of Mods, but sometimes it may be possible to enjoy an accident that happens.

In recent years, since the recording function is standard installed in the home gaming machine, you can easily edit the play video and upload to SNS. If you encounter an unexpected accident during play, you may be a way of enjoying this work that you can do now because somebody share its surprise.

However, even after the update was delivered, a defect such as a decrease in frame rate was sometimes decreasing. PC users who want to enjoy the original version and I want to enjoy stable gameplay, the original version of the original version of the original version Grand Theft Auto III Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas It is better to purchase Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy (English version), which has been recorded.

Even if there is a Gotta as described above, GTA: SA is a masterpiece that is not faded even beyond the times (although I felt old odor for gun operability). From now on, it is desirable to perform a sustainable update until the remastered version evaluated from the series fans.

Grand Left Auto: Trilogy: Detectioned Edition is being distributed for PS5 / PS4 / Xbox Series X | S / Xbox One / PC version.