It is no secret that the esports is one of the highest growth industries, so Japan wants to take advantage of this by creating a school dedicated completely to these electronic sports. That’s right, you can learn to be a professional player of esports at a formal institution.

According to information about Kodak, it will be the telecommunications company NTT and the ESPORTS team, Tokyo Very, the greatest drivers of this initiative that takes as a name ESPORTS MOUTON GAIN This school will be located in the Prefecture of Shibuya at Tokyo and will have about 40 extremely powerful computers capable of running any game you want.

At the moment it is unknown what the costs will be as well as the games that will be taught at the Academy, but apparently different types of genres, FPS, Shooters, and Mob, are apparently encompassed, RTS, and MOB. We leave you with some of the races that will be available this year:

— Virtual reality creator.

— Game scriptwriter.

— 3DCG designer.

— Video game designer.

— Special effects’ developer.

— Programmer.

— Streamer.

— Professional of ESPORTS.

Japan Is Opening Its First-Ever Esports High School

ESPORTS MOUTON GAIN will have an open campus in January of this year, and it is anticipated that in April and start the formal classes.

Editor’s note: Undoubtedly, it is a fairly interesting proposal that will call the attention of many media, especially if this school rises good results. The concept as such sounds like something complicated, but if someone can take it out, it’s Japan.