The Australian government is difficult for the decision on Novak Djokovic. Meanwhile, the authorities halved the audience number for the Australian Open.

At least to the draw Novak Djokovic had ever struck through. Also, four days before the tournament start, the world ranking first was still in Melbourne, prepared for his controversial start at the Australian Open and got his opponent in admission — at the same time a big question mark behind the name of Serb. The huge vortex stops, the first Grand Slam tournament of the year is already overshadowed by the politician.

The government down Under postponed on Thursday the decision on the renewed withdrawal of the residence permit of the 34-year-old Serbs once again. And while the expulsion from Australia threatens, under Djokovic colleagues becomes invisible louder. Stefano Tsitsihar, world ranking and french open finalist clearly criticized the industry prime.

We all held ourselves to the rules to come to Australia and participate in the tournament. And we behave very disciplined, said the Greek in an interview with the Indian TV channel WON: A very small minority has decided to go their own way. This makes the majority look like idiots.

Stitch holds Djokovic explanations for implausible

The former Wimbledon winner Michael Stitch also annoyed himself. The case Djokovic is now so politicized that the respect for all the other professionals who compete in Melbourne, said the 53-year-old the mirror. At the same time, the stitch Djokovic designated explanations for the breach of the isolation regulations in his home Serbia home to a corona in festival in December as implausible.

Also on Thursday, powerful restlessness in Melbourne Park, the sporty news before the first annual highlight was further clearly drowned by the dominant Cause Djokovic. The draw, which brought the defending champion in the first round his compatriot Miami Kecmanovic and only in the semifinals a possible duel with the German number one Alexander Zeal, was suddenly shifted by more than an hour without giving reasons. Immediately rumors went around that a statement of the prime minister could be the reason.

But Scott Morrison just pointed out that the decision violence is in the controversial case with immigration Minister Alex Hawks, who has been testing for days: These are personal ministerial powers, of which Minister Hawks can make use of it, and I will not comment on at the present time

Meanwhile, the newspapers reported the Age and Sydney Morning Herald, the unvaccinated Djokovic team is preparing for an objection to a second cancellation of the visa on Friday, which could be negotiated until Sunday. So that Djokovic can then start in the mission 21. Grand SLAM title at the beginning of the week. It is still much in the floating.

The impression that the political leadership of Australia wants to show the Tennessean despite his court success on Monday still exists unchanged. The Australian Open are more important than one person, said Dan Andrews, Prime Minister of the Bundestag Victoria, as well as the security of our community is more important than a person. And he added with reference to Djokovic permanent Rafael Naval: Rama could not have put it better. Just vaccinate.

The country is becoming increasingly affected by Corona, which also affects the Australian Open: The viewer capacity has now been limited to 50 percent of possible capacity utilization. These adjustments to the rules for the Australian Open mean that fans, players and employees can look forward to a great, safe event, said Java Milford, Tourism Minister of the state of Victoria.

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An event that still threatens the abstinence of the current best player in the world.