Erlang Haaland Fruit interview after the BVB victory against Freiburg strikes high waves. For ex-national player Dietmar Haman, the thing is half so wild.

After Haaland had a large share of the 5: 1 home win of BVB against the SC Freiburg, he chose Via play critical words in the interview after the match with the Norwegian station. The 21-year-old was visibly annoyed by the Dortmund people.

The club tries to put pressure on me to push me into a decision. I actually just want to play football, but they urge me to a decision on my future, the striker complained.

Tags Dietmar Haman arranged the comments of the Goal Hunter rather relaxed. That’s a lot of smoke about nothing, said the TV expert at Sky. He understands that the 21-year-old says a customer’s opinion, but it is also perfectly normal that the BVB has come to Haaland. Wake has properly classified that Haaland is a young player who has not said nothing, but the surrounding team has expressed himself more often, said Haman.

Wake, managing director of black and yellow, declared that the player has to understand the position of the club. We can not wait until the end of May, he stressed against the Ruhr news.

BVB: Haman does not look at Haaland in the best negotiating position


Haman clarified that Haaland himself could be the speculation of an end by announcing his whereabouts in Dortmund. The 48-year-old, however, suspects other intentions behind the comments: I could imagine that his advisor team gets cold feet, as the market is not as big as it appears.

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Manchester City and Liverpool are not the right clubs and Manchester United, which is titled Haman as a most likely buyer, is currently light-years of winning the Premier League.

As serious interested parties then only Real Madrid and the FC Bayern remained. This is not the best negotiation position for the Haaland team, says Haman. Nevertheless, it is clear that there is a market for the Norwegian, as its value is twice as high as the possible transfer fee.