The end of last year was dominated by the shooter. Call of Duty: Vanguard, Battlefield 2042 and also Halo Infinite fought for the crown of the shooting highlights 2021. Has won the competition in the end no one really. While Cod previously permanently Perrault the fans over the years, Electronic Arts Battlefield published in 2042 covered with bugs. And Halo forgot sheer open-world to remain true to himself his series.

Secretly, quietly, another first-person shooter cheating is from 18 December 2021 the ranks of major brands. Ready or Not the New Zealand developer Void Interactive launched on this day in the Early Access on Steam. With a different approach than the competition shooter managed the small team quickly to convince players and players around the world.


Ready or Not is challenging, tactical and realistic. In our Early Access check we have it tried as a special unit to arrest several criminals. And although we have seen the game over screen more often than in many a Rogue-like, we understand now why the game is currently so popular.

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The spiritual successor to SWAT

The biggest similarities is the shooter to the popular SWAT series whose four home games were published from 1995 to 2005 on the PC. Both in single and in multiplayer we will send our companions to various locations where we will track criminals, and they must put a stop to.

While we give our solo AI colleagues commands, these roles take on multiplayer, the players compete. Sun can be various approaches to planning. Whether we Hau-it-variant prefer or try to act silently and without force of arms is entirely up to us.

The agony of choice

Both civilians and gangsters we overwhelm following a call to surrender. In order to achieve the maximum score at the end of the mission, we are permitted to use armed force only when the opponent does not comply with our instructions, draw a weapon or escape. For the rules of engagement and the evaluation system Void Interactive has even resorted to the opinions and experiences genuine special commands.

Before each mission, the weapons can be equipped with attachments. Such a large selection like Battlefield or Call of Duty is us not available, but is not necessary. So we can switch between Rotunda- and COG visors adding various types of handles for an altered handling. In addition to the large caliber, there are also pistols and Taser as a secondary weapon.

Useful Gadgets

In addition to these firearms and the rest of the classical equipment such as protective vests, stun grenades and explosives, we also still choose between further practical tools.

So we may include a riot shield, a one-man ram and a so-called Mirror gun to take in the mission. The latter is a mirror in which we look to pass under doors into rooms to be armed against nasty surprises.

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