The Cup of Germany (in German and also officially: DFB-Pokal) is a competition in between German football clubs. It is arranged by the German Football Federation.

Of course, it is about much more than just about the pure progress in the DFB Cup. When Bertha BSC receives the 1st FC Union on this Wednesday (20:45 pm / ARD and Sky), the Olympic Stadium also includes the role of number one in Berlin and much prestige at the game.

A derby is there to win it, Bertha’s coach Taken corrupt before the next chapter of the special city championship, which seems clearly decided this season.

Because during the 1st FC Union in the Bundesliga as a fifth of the best chances of the European Cup, the Bertha so far struggles as the 13th again only against the descent. Nine points separate both clubs, in November, the Ironies won in the domestic old forester with 2: 0 against the blue-whites. The Bundesliga table does not matter in this game, said Bertha’s European Cups guide Fred BBC anyway and demanded, You have to take it fully heart.

Bertha does not want to recognize the new football hierarchy in the capital yet. I think Union makes that very, very well the last years. That’s a fact that you see that too. Despite all that, if you look at the story, the Bertha sees, then you know who the number one thing in The city is, Basket said.

Corrupt refers to the story

The trend of recent years, however, speaks against it. The former GDR Oberligist Union does not develop extremely positively since the Bundesliga rise in 2019, while Bertha, despite the investor millions of Lars Windsors, continues to make barely visible progress and does not meet its own claims.

Most importantly, we look at us and do not busy all too much, against whom we play, Union striker Andreas Voglsammer said. That the Knickers had been significantly more successfully in recent months, is irrelevant. That’s a cup game, the cards are mixed completely differently, that is enormously difficult, Voglsammer said and played down the importance of encountering the crisis local rivals: It’s about every other opponent.

The fans in Berlin see that very different. Although due to the tense Corona situation, only 2000 spectators will be located directly on site, but the football capital looks at the Olympic Stadium. Actually, the coach should not say anything. They would have to go out of the teeth with the knives between the teeth, said BBC for the motivation for the derby in the place he had won the DFB Cup in 2018 with Eintracht Frankfurt the DFB Cup.

Bertha is waiting for home final

From the final on May 21 in its own city, both clubs dream. Union was already there in 2001 and lost at that time as a straight-ahead second league newcomer with 0: 2 against Schalke 04, for Bertha, the amateurs made in 1993 at home in the final and documents Bayer Leverkusen with 0: 1. Berths Profited missed the Cup victory in 1977 and 1979, at that time in the decisive encounter in the Niedersachsenstadion in Hanover.

Hertha-Coach Workout are still available in the league against VFL Wolfsburg (0: 0) SEAT SE RDAR and KEVIN-PRINCE Boating, but torturer Steven Jove tic (5 results) are missing due to a calf injury. Union coach Urs Fischer must also give up his best attackers. Two Agonist (9 goals) currently plays with Nigeria at the Africa Cup. But even without the 24-year-olds there was a 2-1 in the Bundesliga last in 1899 Cofferdam.