World of Warcraft and Free-to-play.

A few years ago, such a scenario seemed impossible to fulfill, but recent events – and we do not talk at all about buying Blizzard by Microsoft, but all those who met swap in 2021 – suggest that something can be on things.

Especially since after this great transaction on the network there were rumors / plots that WOW had to change the payment model after entering the hands of Microsoft.

Free-to-play seems obvious choice.

And you share this enthusiasm. As many as 74% of respondents are of the opinion that World of Warcraft should go to a free business model.

Because even if such a free-to-play was not too honest, it would have been a huge, enormous, gigantic inflow of people. Zeroth would fly from millions of new users who did not want or could not pay a monthly subscription.


Blizzard / Microsoft must change something in the WOW function. He must also regain the trust of the community, and yet it is best to do it by offering the biggest game model in history for free.

The reverse sentence is 26% of respondents. For them World of Warcraft should remain on a subscription model.

Honestly, we understand the fear of such people. Pay-to-play guarantees no P2W, but also provides a relative culture on servers. It is not known what happens if young toxic people known from such titles have entered… We do not want to exchange game names, but everyone knows who we are talking about.

Thank you for all the voices and welcome to the new-old questionnaire.

Return to Guild Wars 2 after the premiere of the End Of Dragons supplement?

Yes, for sure

I’m not interested

I never played in GW2 and I do not have this intention