The EPIC Games Store has a story with the free distribution of digital game copies at its user base. Some time ago, during the holidays, he put Prey and Control on this list for a limited time. And next week, for a limited time, the much daemon X machine shooter will be a free pickup for any pretty diligent person to catch it.

Daemon X Machine, released for the first time on Nintendo Switch, received a PC port some time ago. Our own critic has been seduced by the title, saying, As long as anime fan, play Daemon X Machine was a combination of watching my favorite anime based on Techs like Voids and Gun dam and play my Much games Preferred like Titan fall and Custom Robot. The fans of the genus Much will find a lot to love with this PC port of an instant classic of Nintendo Switch.


The game has developers related to the Armored Core franchise, another popular title based on robots that could soon see a new episode. Given the excitement that reigns there, it is not unreasonable that people have great expectations for Daemon X Machine. And looking at the reception of the game… Yes, it seems to have done a good job.

As with all the free versions of Epic Games Store, there is no limited amount of items or strange hoops to cross. Simply open the game store page and add it to your account, as simple as possible.

What are your impressions on Daemon X Machine? If you do not have the game yet, will you get it back now? We would like to hear from you in the comments below!