Steam where many new titles appear every day. I would like to check the high-attention new work, but there are many people who can not catch up with the release of the release?

Therefore, the GAME SPARK editorial department within 3 days with early access and formal release Condition of has exceeded 100 cases (whether the number of popularity and unpopularity) is more than 100 Introduce the new title of the freshly picked and picked new title! Check out in this article if any title is attracting attention to Steam now.

Hidden Deep

This work is a movie object X object X alien alien and game HALF-LIFE, such as a year-old masterpiece, which is inspired from a masterpiece of the 80-year-90’s, 2D It is an adventure. Players will advance the way using scanners, roses, heavy machines, etc. It also supports local CO-OP play, and it is possible to play while cooperating with friends.



PS VITA, SF Adventure’s STEAM version, which was popular with Nintendo Switch, has finally been released. This work is the SF Agnosia game that ramps the alpha Gossip that is confused in the crew on the inside of the spacecraft. The player is randomly or Gossip, except for a specific time. We will repeat the circle, train skills, etc., and make it easy to get more desirable results.

SEX with Hitler (for adults)

This work is a top-down shooter that draws the story of the General and 5 heroines on the stage at the bottom of the World War II. There is also a visual novel element, and a new story that has been mixed with a centrality and union and Axis, which has lost everything, and a new story with an enemy. It also supports Japanese interfaces.