With a view to the international tournament, where our national team for ice hockey-Germany participates in the sense of the Olympic idea, as well as the planned catch-up games in the DEL, there is a minimum of reducing any risks in the coming days and the chance of player isolation the best possible To optimize, wrote the SVE on Tuesday.

On Tuesday, the German Ice Hockey Band released the squad for the winter games in Beijing. Deb sports director Christian Kuwait reacted with consent: My private opinion is: if you stop, we would certainly help us.


My private opinion is: If you stop, we would certainly help us.

Deb sports director Christian Kuwait

Currently, there are several teams in the DEL in quarantine. Many games fall out and need to be made up; Among other things, during the originally planned Olympic break in February.

Deb team flies well in two groups to China

On Monday, the Eagles from Mannheim once again made a Corona outbreak with 14 positive cases. According to information from the Mannheimer tomorrow, players are also affected, which stand in the German Olympic squad. We will not comment names, Kuwait said, but admitted: It may already be that only 22 fly to China and three come. The German team starts on 2 February.

Suspension of the del games unrealistic

According to DPA information, a short-term suspension of the del games until the coming weekend is to protect the Olympic drivers unrealistic. The current game operation was also coordinated with the deb.

The current statements of the DEL