James Harden might already become free agent in the summer and, according to media reports, the Superstar of the Brooklyn Nets toying to do not pull his player option. Harden could thus be contactless for the first time in his career.

As Jake Fischer reports from the bleach Report, harden does not have the clear intention its player option over $47.4 million. Instead, the Guard wants to sign a new, long-term contract. Already last September, the 32-year-old indicated this, even if he pointed out that he would feel comfortable in Brooklyn.

I was never free agent, I was always loyal and pretended to extend my contracts prematurely, Harden told then to emphasize that Brooklyn has the best cards. I want to leave my time. But it would be damn hard to leave this team around Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving.

At this time, however, it was not clear that Irving could only incur in away games. According to Fischer, this is a circumstance that causes frustration for harden. In addition, the former MVP should be dissatisfied with the ever-changing rotations of Coach Steve Nash. Furthermore, harden enjoy life in Brooklyn, according to several sources, not as much as he did in Houston.

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A trade during the season is not in question for harden, but everything beyond the season is completely open. Most money could continue to collect the Guard in New York, but only the Nets could offer him an extension over five years and $270 million. Other teams could only offer four years and 200 million.

One of these other teams may be Philadelphia 76ers. For a good week, the Mixers are associated with harden. The rumor is that the Mixers could wait with a trade of Ben Simmons to attract Harden in the course of a sign-and-trade deal to Philadelphia.

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There could be hardened again on his former Boss Daryl Morey, which is now head of the Mixers and worked successfully over eight years with harden in Houston. In this season, however, the ninefold all-star has reduced a bit, his point cut (22.7 RPG) is as low as last as the last OK season when the beard was still from the bank.