The long-standing Bundesliga coach Friedhelm Funkel believes that the transfer of Niklas Sule from FC Bayern to Borussia Dortmund could influence the future decision of Erling Haaland. Does the shooting star remain another year at the BVB?

Borussia Dortmund has upgraded for the coming season in the defense powerfully. In Niklas Süle, an experienced German international comes to free transfer to BVB, which is not only intensifying the defensive, but may also influence further personnel decisions, which in any case believe Friedhelm Funkel, who trained numerous clubs in the German Oberhaus in the last thirty years.

Slee is for the black yellow “a very, very good choice,” praised sparkle at “Sky” the leaders of the BVB. The obligation is “an important step” for the 68-year-old to stay on the heels of FC Bayern, “a step of missing to properly stabilize the defensive.”

The next task is now to clarify the “Haaland question”. The Norwegian striker can leave Borussia in the summer for a fixed transfer fee in the range of 75 to 90 million and has been associated with the top clubs in Europe for months.

“If you lose Haaland, an important ingredient is to attack Bayern away. But we do not know yet,” sparkle explained. “In the current situation, it is precisely the right step to stabilize the defensive position. With a German national player’s speed, is head-strong and robust.”

Funkel: When Haaland sees that Slee comes to BVB, then…

This building block could be important to convince Haaland from a whereabout, so sparkle. Real Madrid, the wishclub of the attacker, finally wool Kylian Mbappé commit. “Then, with [Karim] Benzema and Mbappé, two absolute top strikes and whether Real Haaland can still afford this summer, I do not know,” sparkled out and added: “The Treaty of Benzema runs in the summer of 2023 – Then Haaland could still change. “

In addition, gates often forgotten that Haaland is only 21 years old. “If he sees that, with Niklas Süle, a top player for the defense is required, this could lead his train of thought for the coming season again more on Borussia Dortmund,” said sparkle.

Should Haaland in the end remain actually, according to the former Bundesliga coach, the left-back position would have to be improved in order to be really dangerous to Bayern.

Niklas Süle Signs With Borussia Dortmund for 2022/2023

“With Raphaael Guerreiro actually plays an offensive player, which could be more valuable for the BVB in front as an attacker. He runs around everywhere and this is always holes in the defense. If there was a defensive player there, Call the BVB closer to Bayern.