Christian Streich (Trainer SC Freiburg): “I find it good that the one who has the most points at the end of 34 games is also masters and who unfortunately have to descend with the fewest points. I can understand the thoughts that you want to make the league more attractive. But I find it the way it is in this mode now, most just and with the greatest meaning force – but not the most exciting, that’s clear. “

Adi Hütter (coach Borussia Mönchengladbach): “We have already been in Austria for a while. There is the upper and lower play-off. Basically, you can rethink everything. On the other hand, I do not know if It’s fair if after 34 rounds perhaps the first against the fourth plays that the fourth, who may then be 15 points behind, still has the chance to become master. That’s on another sheet of paper. “

Oliver Kahn (Board Chief FC Bayern) in the Bundesliga: “I find it exciting to think about new models like play-offs for the Bundesliga. Also in the Champions League is handling a new format from 2024, from which we have a lot of promise. A mode in the Bundesliga with semi-finals and finals would mean tension for the fans. So it makes sense to play a thought. We are always open to Bayern for new ideas. “

Rudi Völler (CEO Bayer Leverkusen) in the Bundesliga: “A completely wrong approach. I’m absolutely against it.”

Hans-Joachim Watzke (Managing Director Borussia Dortmund and DFL Supervisory Board) in the Bundesliga: “That I was never a friend of play-offs, is known. But taking into account the respective overall situation with regard to the game modes no fundamental Give thought bans. “

Play-off-System in der Bundesliga? Trainer sind geteilter Meinung | SID

Marcel Schäfer (sports director VFL Wolfsburg): “I find our system well as it is. It is the best after 34 matchdays determined, that’s fair and fair. But I can understand the train of thought. A changed mode could understand Increase the tension, the title chance for outsiders could rise. But in a Best-of-Seven mode, the FC Bayern would probably continue to prevail. With a play-off mode with just a game as in the NFL, a perfect one Season are made by only one defeat. And according to which system is decided who comes to the Champions League? The first four teams of the season or those who passed on to the play-offs? “

Sebastian Schindzielerz (sports board VfL Bochum) in the Bundesliga: “The VFL understands football as popular sports as he was and how he should be.”

Background : How to look like play-offs in the Bundesliga