It Takes Two will have adaptations to cinema and television, I just report Variety.

The Hazelight studio has signed an agreement with the Producer DJ2 Entertainment to bring the Great and Small Screen The Adventures of Cody and Mae, one of the most outstanding video games of 2021 and that appeared in numerous lists of the best last year.

It Takes Two – Official Gameplay Trailer
Josef Fares, the director of the game, has declared that “creating the world and the story of It Takes Two was very fun for me and for the team. As it has a strong narrative with a lot of crazy characters and a lot of cooperative moments equal From crazy, the potential for great adaptation to cinema or television is huge. “

The CEO and founder of DJ2, Dmitri M. Johnson, added that “as well as the rest of the world of video game, we fell in love with Cody, May, Rose, Dr. Hakim and the imaginative fantasy universe created by Hazelight, and not We can wait to bring these characters and this world to the great and small screen. “

At the moment there is no study or chain associated with the project, although several sources point out that there is a bidding war with several stakeholders.

Regarding the script, Pat Casey and Josh Miller, the scriptwriters of the Sonic film and his sequel, have been hired to write the adaptation of IT Takes Two.