Canada in the World Cup qualifier has the ticket for Qatar firmly in sights. In the Concacaf top game, the leaders won 2-0 against the table-second USA and now has 22 points on the account. The US stays with 18 points in two in front of Mexico, which meets Costa Rica in the night of Monday.

Larin with record

With success, Canada refueled a lot of self-confidence on the way to the first World Cup participation since 1986, four games are still exhibiting for the leader. At minus degrees in Hamilton / Ontario, Besiktas striker Larin (7.) met early for the hosts. For Larin it was the 23rd gate in the 47th country game, the 26-year-old advanced to the sole record scorer of the Canadian selection. Adekugbe (90. + 5) increased shortly before the end when he absorbed a liberation and crowned his solo on the second goal of the Herdman eleven.

Canada vs. United States In 30 | World Cup Qualifiers

Keeper Borjan pars header from McKennie

The USA, with the two Bundesliga professionals Adams (RB Leipzig) and Richards (TSG Hoffenheim) in the initial formation, had a large chance to compensate for a corner in the 48th minute, but Ex-Schalke McKennie failed with a header at the excellent Canadian Keeper Borjan. In the final phase, the Neu-Augsburger Pepi was replaced, but the young talent could not lead any more to the team of coach Gregg Concern.

World Cup debut in 1986 in Mexico with bitter experiences

So far, the Canadians have been able to qualify for a World Cup finals: In 1986, the maple leaves were made to Mexico, but there were sometimes spotless and with 0: 5 goals in the group with France, Hungary and the Soviet Union.