A real problem for days at Last Ark, and has been since the release of Early Access, the overcrowding of most servers has frustrated many players. The developers have announced that they are doing everything possible to expand the capabilities of these as quickly as possible, but also to deploy new servers.

It was A press release Published on Saturday, February 12, Roxx, Community Manager of Amazon Games, announced the next implementation of measures aimed at strengthening the capabilities of the servers of Lost Ark games. After having implemented a ban so that new players believe characters in certain kingdoms already overcrowded, the western publishing house expresses this time their desire to improve this unpleasant situation that prevents certain players from accessing the servers where their friends are.

Therefore, the aforementioned restrictions have been eliminated, however, they could reappear in the very close future if the queues come out of control, and this is the case at the time of writing this article. As an example, this is the state of the servers in Central Europe this weekend. We warn that these numbers can change from one moment to another and it is only an indicative time:

Once inside the game, it is perfectly playable and does not suffer barely latency. However, you must have patience to access the game servers since the queues represent in some cases several hours of waiting… or you must connect before the peak hours, which are:

  • Between 10 in the morning and 2 o’clock in the afternoon
  • Between 5:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m.

Avoid THESE Servers on Lost Ark NA Release!

It is easier to say, and it is unlikely that the implementation of some new servers will completely solve this problem. Unfortunately, this is one of the obvious failures of a “Bombo” as seen in recent days, and Amazon Games does not seem to have learned enough lessons from the problems found when it was launched New World in the middle of last year.