At Borussia Dortmund, the expectations of Yousoufa Moukoko are huge. However, the BVB talent was able to complete twelve agents for the professionals this season. After the Hype about his person, the German U21 national player experienced the first difficult phase of his career last year when he had regularly struggled with injury issues. Meanwhile, the attacker is finally fit – also thanks to Marcel Schmelzer.

“I was lucky that I was allowed to make the rehab with Marcel Schmelzer. He motivated me every day and talked a lot with me,” said Yousoufa Moukoko in the “Holiday magazine” of BVB.

After Moukoko came to short messages at the beginning of the season under the new coach Marco Rose, the 17-year-old moved into a muscle injury in the fall. Although he celebrated his comeback against RB Leipzig on the eleventh matchday, but then fell for a long time due to a muscle fiber rift and was only used again in the new year.

Last weekend, the attacker was allowed to participate in the 2-5 defeat against Bayer Leverkusen for eleven minutes and prepared a hit during this time.

“I hope I stay injury-free this year and then get as much playing time as possible,” Moukoko explained. “The last half year was very difficult for me. I came back after injury and then I fell directly again. Since January, I feel very good again and I’m 100 percent fit.”

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Moukoko got tips from BVB-Routiniers

Still, the teenager is the youngest player ever raised in the Bundesliga. With many advanced laurels today was 17-year-old in the professional chief of BVB, but through the many setbacks last year, the hype is a bit flattened around the talent.

“It was hard to understand in the beginning. But now I get along with injuries and knows that they belong to football. There is hardly a player who is injury-free by his career. That’s why you always have to deal with the goal of being stronger comes back, “emphasized Moukoko.

That he has made it a professional player, the 17-year-old owes the many Routinians at the BVB: “When I met the first week with the professionals, I thought I’ll never do it. But then I have with Lukasz Piszczek and Mats Hummels spoken and those told me that it is always difficult in the beginning. They have given me tips. “