Joel and Ellie will not fill out the small screen in 2022. The Lsmall screent of US series continues with its filming and hsmall screen no premiere date confirmed. However, the HBO Max Programming Chief, Csmall screeney Bloys, hsmall screen stated Deadline that the fiction debut is expected for next year.

“It is not brand new in 2022, they are still filming in Canada. I imagine that we will see it in 2023 , “Bloys hsmall screen admitted. “I have seen some preliminary episodes and I am very excited. Craig made Chernobyl for us and is a fantsmall screentic writer and director. What I have seen Look great, I am very excited, but it will not arrive in 2022 “.

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Is the lsmall screent of us the new throne game?

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Since the game of thrones he concluded his television journey, there have been many platforms that have tried to mimic this success with their own productions. Is the Lsmall screent of US the next game of Thrones? Bloys slings it sharply: “ There is no next game of thrones . I have been here long enough to listen to ‘What is the next soprano, what is the next game of thrones, what is the next Succession. There is no next game of thrones. “

In part, because HBO Max prepares the first spin-off of thrones, the dragon house . It is an adaptation of fire and blood, a book written by George R.R. Martin that we will enjoy this year.

Pedro Psmall screencal and Bella Ramsey play Joel and Ellie in the Lsmall screent of Us series. The series bsmall screened on the video game of Naughty Dog hsmall screen adapted with Neil Druckmann, narrative director, small screen one of the main pillars of fiction. In this adventure, the characters transit through a postproocalyptic world full of infected, where survival is everything.