Christian Streich does not like it that he will not meet FCA coach Markus Weinzierl on the Saturday afternoon on the side line on the Saturday afternoon, because he is in Corona quarantine. That should be related to the fact that he had the same situation in the last away game at the 1st FC Cologne, when Steffen Baumgart had to stay home – the Sport Club lost 0: 1. “I do not like that, I prefer, the coaches are there and not somewhere else,” said the SC coach. Nevertheless, he hopes that his team succeeds in the first away win in Augsburg. “At some point the series break,” said prank. In his back of his mind, however, is the 3: 3 in December 2017, where the SC had led to 3: 1 to reflection time.

He considers the current Augsburg team for better than the relegation platze was suggested, after all, she would have won against Bayern and Union Berlin. “You have power, footballing quality and a really sturdy team that has not brought that in every phase so that they had more points.” Streich also pointed out that the FCA has never extended since the 2007 ascent, “Although they were often in critical phases”. On the other hand, he wants to focus mainly on his team. “The players know that we were not satisfied with the last two performances,” he said, “we can not force anything, but we take the fight in Augsburg and want to put playful accents in one or the other scene in one or the other scene hurt – football. “

Keitel falls out, Keven Schlotterbeck back in training

Streich zum neuen Ausweich-Trikot: Hauptsache, den Kindern gefällt's

After defeat in Cologne and the subsequent draw against Mainz, there are also application opportunities for players who were last not or only briefly on the square. No role will play Keitel on Saturday and also in the coming weeks of Yannik. He has broken a toe in training, which is now treated conservatively. “He has bad luck, he was on a good way, but he can deal with setbacks,” commented prank the injury. On the other hand, Keven Schlotterbeck is again in the team training after continued Corona infection. In the internal defense, however, there is little change, which are more likely to expect in the offensive and possibly in midfield.

It is also possible that the young players get a chance again. Prank praised both Noah White Haupt (“He has improved in Puncto goals hazard, he is hungry, he is better, he meets better decisions.”) And Kiliann Sildillia for her good performances in the second team. Even winter new entrance Hugo Squet would have done the two third-league games well. “With us he would not come in, and nothing can replace playing,” said the SC coach. On Friday, however, the 19-year-old Belgian has risen into the bus to Augsburg, so will not play with the U23 against Meppen.

Special training for return to success?

The past training week is optimistic that the sports club will occur on Saturday differently than last. After the draw against Mainz he had announced to work on the “Basics”, and that it could not give such pleasant training sessions. “Close processes, organization against the ball, distances and spaces” would have been on the program this week, but also the creativity on the ball. The players had “engaged” engaged and focused “, and ultimately” it probably was fun, because We made the most with the ball “.