In the 2016/17 season, Ousmere Dembélé and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang with Borussia Dortmund brought the DFB Cup. Well four and a half years later, the former BVB stars are at least until the end of the season together at the FC Barcelona under contract. It goes to Aubameyang that may be even longer.

At the 4-1 victory at the past weekend in Valencia Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Ousmane Dembélé vertebrates again like the best BVB times. First-mentioned three hits achieved, last assumed a template contributed to the overall success.

“It’s something very special because we had an incredible year in Dortmund and he is an incredible player,” said Aubameyang after the game for “Mundo Deportivo” with a view of his French teammate and praised: “Ousmane is one of the best on the ball.”

But despite the good mood, the interaction between Aubameyang and Dembélé is only on time. Because the contract of the exterior players runs out in summer. Most recently, the 24-year-old and the association could not agree on an extension, originally, Dembélé should even be sold in winter. But it came differently.

Special Lob for Aubameyang and Dembélé

Now Aubameyang is even committed to that the right outside remains in the Catalans over the summer. “I’m really glad he’s here,” the striker continued to tell, “When I came, I told him: ‘Brother, you should stay at Barca’.”

Despite all failed efforts to get rid of Dembélé in January, Barcelona coach Xavi now seems to have closed peace with the whereabouts of the offensive man. “He will certainly help us to the end of the season because he is a great player,” the coach praised the French last.

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And even for Aubameyang there was after the clear success in the FC Valencia Warm Words. “He shot goals in all his career. He’s good in the penalty area. He is experienced, intelligent, modest and positive. I am very satisfied with him. The gates will give him self-confidence,” the trainer was pleased.