Studen veterans, fans and new players are invited to rush in the Bayou and celebrate the fourth anniversary since the publication of Hunt: Showdown in the Early Access. There is hardly a better time to connect the more than 3.5 million players – a number that rises year after year.

The Bayou is a strange and dangerous place. Witness for this are the 1,595 players who died through doors or the 276, which have lost their lives through horses. All are invited to participate in the jubilee celebration by going hunting for the bounty. And each other.

To celebrate the four-year-old, Crytek thanks current players and welcomes new in Hunt Showdown with a Twitch Drops campaign, a jubilee sale and new branding.

Fatih Özbayram, Senior Producer for Hunt: Showdown, says, “The entire team has worked hard for the past four years to make Hunt a special experience. Every match tells a unique story, so people come back to the Bayou over and over again. “

“It’s always our claim to keep the game with updates, content and events fresh. Over the last year, we added a new map and a new boss as well as events like ‘Light The Shadow’ and ‘AS The Crow Flies’ held. All this could not be done without our fantastic and open community. By putting the players in the first place and listen to what they want in Hunt, we are able to offer a games experience, which is truly unique. “

The Twitch Drops campaign contains four legendary weapons and a legendary Hunter and runs from morning, 23rd of February at 4 pm until March 1st at 16 o’clock. Drops are for all freely accessible, players just have to watch their favorite streamer on Twitch at Hunt: Showdown to dust the free rewards.

The new branding reflects the PVPVE gameplay and appears on all Hunt: showdown channels as well as wallpapers available for download.

Twitch Drops 2022 I Hunt: Showdown
New in Hunt? On the social media channels, “50 Ways to the” videos are full of tips and hints, which should not do new players. In addition, a “Beauty of Hunt” video soon appears, which introduces some of the fabulous places and scenes to discover.

PC players can secure hunt: showdown plus four DLCs as part of the anniversary package with 65% discount. The package is available on Thursday, March 3 to Steam.