Early risers had to practice in patience this morning, on February 23, 2022. Publisher Amazon Games started from 06:00 to 8:00 am a server maintenance for the European Realms of Lost Ark to play a number of hotfixes on the live servers. In the following, we reveal you which mistakes have been corrected.

Hotfixes for matchmaking and more

In the Community Manager Roxx Forum Post states that the following bug fixes have landed on the live servers:

  • A hotfix has been implemented to fix the problems of matchmaking of the group search. The responsible persons at Amazon Games want to keep in mind the matchmaking, but continues to keep an eye on, in the event that there is still a need for action.
  • There has been a problem in the course of the launch event, which has been distributed by an ITemlevel 1,420 chest as a day-15 reward.

  • An error has been resolved in the tool tip of the weekly chest for combat objects. There was that you can secure the content of the chest ten times. However, this is not the case. You can only buy the chest once a week.

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* In the new region “Europa West”, there are adapted items for the TAG-3- (UNA Task – Instant Exercise Care) and Tag-6- (selection bag for unusual combat engraving instructions) rewards.

In particular, the hotfix to the matchmaking problems will hopefully, especially in the evening, to the Prime Time, when the servers run under full load, for relaxation. Because even the patient players will now be full of the muzzle that they can not play chaosing sounds with friends, Because the site data could not be loaded .

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