Today Early, Sony opened the curtain of his new PlayStation VR2 headphones. The device will be compatible with the PlayStation 5 hardware and has numerous improvements designed to take advantage of the next generation console. Interestingly, the hardware will have a design similarity with the PS5 console and its DualSense controller; According to the PlayStation blog, the front and rear bands of the headphones will be decorated with the classic symbols of PlayStation, which will give you an orderly texture and will surrender tribute to the company’s brand. At this time, images of the PlayStation symbols have not been revealed.

«Another delight that we wanted to share: similar to the thousands of small symbols of PlayStation that we added to the design of the PS5 console and the DualSense controller, we also include small symbols of PlayStation in the front and rear bands of the PS VR2 headphones to add a comfort Feel for players to enjoy ».

PlayStation VR 2 design revealed

The distinctive design of the PlayStation buttons has been a basic element since the first console of the company, and it is something that the difference of competitors like Microsoft and Nintendo. This specific design has given the fans a feeling of familiarity between generations of consoles, and incorporating it to other PlayStation designs is an intelligent movement. It is a small detail, but it is also something that makes the headphones clearly PlayStation.

Unfortunately, Sony has not revealed a launch date for PlayStation VR2, but it will be interesting to see if it is successful for the company. While the audience of virtual reality has grown since the original PLAYSTATION VR headphones were launched, the technology remains quite specific. A large part of this is reduced to the cost; No price point has been announced for the VR2 peripheral, but the original headset was launched at $ 399. Assuming that follow-up has a similar price, it is a high cost, especially when so many PlayStation fanatics have had difficulty acquiring a PS5 With its $ 499 MSRP. With luck, PlayStation will offer enough support for the peripheral to be worth it!

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