“What the farmer does not know that he does not eat” – Journalist Marc Schwitzky described the standing of the eSport at many football fans in the Marc Schwitzky Esport Talk. Titles like League of Legends generally have a recognition problem, but also the Efootball has surprisingly difficult.

This is mainly because in the “normal” FIFA only one player sits at the controller, like Patrick Baur says: “Football is team sport, but that in FIFA is n1. There is no feeling of football, no togetherness feeling”.

Benefits that does not offer the real football

It is different in mode per club. Because in this every player controls his own avatar, instead of a whole team. The special feature: Every character can be designed according to your mood – long, colorful hair is not a rarity.

The attributes of the virtual Marc Schwitzky can not be completely set to the maximum at the beginning. Here is like in real life: the more practice, the better the skills.

“Click here for tactics, teambuilding, communication, personality development – all the things that make up football,” sums up Baur.

The mode even have advantages that the real football missed: “It’s age-independent, you can bring together various sexes, bring people with Handicaps, bring up location-independent people together.” This is not going on the real football field. “

“No pay-to-win, no CPU control”

Per clubs also often lets criticized topics. “No pay-to-win, no CPU control,” summarizes the managing director of double pass digital GmbH further.

Especially the CPU control is in the center of criticism year after year. Although EA Sports promises an improved KI defense for announcements of a new offshoot, but reality looks different. Often she is a step too late, has a bad or no man’s cover.

Chance for even unsafe clubs

Cleats that even weigh an ESPORTS engagement could be a chance per clubs. All the demands and ideas the farmer has, but are not new. The Pro-Club Mode has been working with exactly these topics for many years.


Some clubs, such as the FC St. Pauli or Hansa Rostock, have taken the idea, even whole leagues already exist over half a decade. So the spark never seems to have jumped over. This is mainly because the mode has existed since 2011, but is not greatly advertised by EA Sports. Pro-Clubs tournaments with great range, many innovations and updates are wrong.