Tennis-Legend Mats Wilander would have hardly punished Alexander Zverev for his dispersion against the referee at the ATP tournament in Acapulco.

“One sanctions someone who behaves so, with a three-month or six-month lock. You do not allow him to play the most important tournaments in the calendar in such a case,” said the sevenfold Grand-Slam winners in the interview with Eurosport.

Zverev had confessed after the first-round trip in the double referee Alessandro Germani loudly and kept struggling with his racket on his chair. One anding for Wilander. “If a player breaks his racket on the referee chair and literally only a few centimeters away from meeting the leg of the referee, he should not go to a tennis court until he has a kind of rehabilitation process behind him,” he explained.

ATP Boss Gaudenzi Exclusive: That’s the state of ZVEREV investigations

According to the EKLAT, ZVEREV, which has been disqualified by the tournament for the individual’s incident, was only a fine of 40,000 US dollars had been raised. Should it stay with it, it would be much too little for Wilder: “That he was emotionally struck at the end of the double defeat, shows that it is important to him, but that must be shown in other ways.”

The 57-year-old can not understand why ZVEREV will be back with the German team at the Davis Cup in Rio de Janeiro (from 20 clock in the Liveticker) again this week. That’s not a good sign of the profit named, “said Wilander, asking,” Maybe one should found a kind of professional association in tennis, which meets all these decisions. I think of a combination of ATP, ITF, WTA and Olympic committee. “

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The destruction of racquets disturbs Wilander basically. “I do not like to destroy tennis rackets, even if that is more and more accepted in the professional circus. I hate this behavior, because there are tennis players in the world that can not afford a second thug,” he said, pushing, ” We must not fool the children that we are around with the material. “