Corona 19 The new confirmation was expected to be the highest in the past, and the government has decided to extend the business hours such as a restaurant and cafe to 11 o’clock than 11 o’clock.

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The Central Disaster Safety Measures Headquarters (Dancer) has been enforced by the fourth meeting at the time of the ongoing contents from 5th to 20 days. Six patients are maintained for private meeting personnel.

In the challenge (Minister of Public Administration and Security), the Secretary of the Administration and Security (Ministry of Public Administration and Security), said, Despite a long period of relaxation measures, it is considered that there is a lot of self-employed, the difficulties of small businesses, and the difficulties of smaller accomponsor, which have been done in spite of some mitigation measures. “

“In January 3rd and 3rd, Among this week, the patient’s bed utilization rate increased to about 50%, but core transmandative indicators such as critical and severe amusement rates added is as possible in the current medical response capacity. “