After most youngsTars teams at the carnival weekend had play-free, it continues in their leagues. On four out of five young headers, difficult away tasks are waiting.

The table fifth is the U19 on Saturday (13:00) to Aachen, for the still pointless table deadline of the A-Junior Bundesliga. “The past two weeks were not satisfactory, the intensity in training was not as high as in the weeks earlier and then had a negative impact on the last league game, as well as a test match,” shows Coach Tobias Harink open, but also looks Positive development in your own ranks: “Since Monday, the level has increased significantly again, some injured players have come back and all players are motivated to go into the last five games for which we have defined some goals. In Aachen we expect a special challenge to be prepared for top. The opponent could not get a point yet, even though they were shortly before in some games. But you will certainly not go with zero points from the season, but our goal is clear that we want to win the game and keep connection to the top places. “

The U17 arrives on Sunday (13:00) in the B-Junior Bundesliga at the Marianstraße, where Fortuna Cologne issues his home matches. It meet the table sight from Münster and the table of the table from Cologne. What expects his protégés, white coach Moritz Glasberner: “We expect an intense away game. Fortuna plays an aggressive midfield pressing, enthusiastic about it and tries to put needlesticks through fast countertops. We want to behave, keep the game pace up and put us playfully. “

For the U16 it goes on Sunday (11:00) in the Westfalenliga on the artificial turf at the postal stadium against the SC Verl. For both clubs, it goes as a eighth, or tenth of the tables to keep away from the descent. The U13 plays on Saturday afternoon (12:30) at Fortuna Gronau, the U12 also on Saturday (13:00) at home against the Warendorfer Su.

The YoungStar’s games in the overview

Saturday, March 5

12:30 | Fortuna Gronau – SCP U13 | Sportspark Gronau

13:00 | SCP U12 – Warendorfer Su | Provincial Young’s Arena

13:00 | Alemannia Aachen – SCP U19 | Sports field Branig

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Sunday, March 6

11:00 | SC Verl – SCP U16 | Artificial turf PostStadion

13:00 | Fortuna Cologne – SCP U17 | Stadium Marianstraße