Bernd Neuendorf zum neuen DFB-Präsidenten gewählt
Quiet analyst, Eloquenter speaker, integrator person: Bernd Neuendorf moved so far in the background. Now he is DFB president – and suddenly stands in the limelight.

In the past fall, Oliver Bierhoff ruled himself. Who could be this Bernd Neuendorf, who was still traded as a candidate for the DFB top position? In any case, he assured the DFB director, do not know him. The vast majority of self-recognized experts in the world of football should be just as important.

But now, half a year, several interviews and a choice later, the largely unknown Neuendorf is in the limelight. As a new DFB president, as a new strong man at the head of a bandage that has been with himself for years. Suddenly the hopes rest on a fresh start at the German football covenant on the shoulders of a late one’s climber.

After several stations in journalism Neuendorf (60) changed in 2003 first into politics. He worked, among other things, as a spokesman for the SPD under the then Chancellor Gerhard Schröder, was five years of State Secretary in the Family Ministry of North Rhine-Westphalia from 2012. Since then he has been perfectly networked, has close connections into political Berlin.

Neuendorf wants to polish the rampated DFB image

New village does not make a secret, as little as out of his relationship with Chancellor Olaf Scholz (“We know us”). The new DFB boss could be based on its cautious, restrained communication. “Waiting carefully before you speak publicly,” said Neuendorf the Frankfurter Rundschau, which is “always advisable”.

That not only the image of the association is rampated that his predecessors mostly destroyed their reputation, he knows exactly. But he has a style, “that is different than before,” said Neuendorf the DFBs show: “I am someone who is more restrained, who likes to talk to many people before he forms an opinion.”

The way to the association world was the fan of Alemannia Aachen only late, the chef role in the football association Mittelrhein took over in 2019. In association circles, the native Diner is considered an integer, is always described as a quiet analyst. The father of two children eloquent occurs, in interviews he usually wears his striking reading glasses on his forehead.

Bierhoff pronunciation: “It’s all clarified”

So far, Neuendorf has not noticed as a loudspeaker, unlike many others, he has not bound up in DFB power struggles. His vulnerability? Unlike Peter Peters, he had barely distanced himself from the controversial durability Rainer Koch in the run-up to the election.

The post in the Executive Committee of the European Football Union (UEFA) he leaves Koch, Peters should remain in the Council of the World Association FIFA. It is open how Neuendorf wants to gain in importance on the way to home EM 2024 internationally.

In any case, he had pronounced himself with Bierhoff. It is “rapidly clear” that the statement was “in no way evaluated in no way problem or even disrespectful,” said the new DFB President: “Honestly: About the perception in the media we have a little amused. It’s all Cleared. ” It must also, after all, Neuendorf is now Bierhoff’s boss.