FC Bayern experienced a difficult game at the TSG Hoffenheim in the Football Bundesliga and ultimately had to settle for a 1: 1. Trainer Julian Nagelsmann was still not dissatisfied after the game. By contrast, Tayfun Korkut showed frustrated after Hertha BSC against Borussia Mönchengladbach conceded the nearest defeat. Berlin’s Herthas managing director Fredi Bobic opened a coach change.

The most important voices for the games of the 26th match day of the Football Bundesliga at “Sky”:

Borussia Mönchengladbach – Hertha BSC 2: 0

Christian Peinfinger (Trainer Borussia Mönchengladbach):

“In the first half, I have seen a sovereign appearance with a lot of use and a lot of passion. Then we were a little inactive. We made the 2-0 at the right time.”

Tayfun Corkut (Trainer Hertha BSC)…

_… To the game: _ “So shortly after the game I’m disappointed. If you look at the game, we have just defended well in the first half. Gladbach made good pressure with ball, but we could behave, Then we collect the 0: 1 after a penalty, but come well from the break and the game is open. The team has everything enforced and continued according to the standard counterplay. “

_… To the question, why the team was only in the second half more offensive: _ “We also know in which situation we are stuck and that has been solved in the second half. Before we were in possession of the possession restless. Later you then saw that we were able to earn some good opportunities. The moments were not on our side to achieve the compensation and so you will lose such a game. “

_… About his future at Hertha BSC: _ “First of all, I can only talk about the game. That I am talking to Fredi is clear. It is just as clear that the club is above all, even before me. I do not count with nothing after the game. “

_… About the Ultimatum issued by Fredi Bobic (before the game): _ “These are clear words. I myself am someone who gives clear messages. Of course, I would not have liked that such a sentence hear, but it’s his right right and it fits absolutely. “

_… to his decision to put goalkeeper Schwolow not even in the squad (before the game): _ “These have been overall impressions that, since I am there, played a role. Then it is too A gut feeling and I put on the carefreeness of the young goalkeeper. Marcel has made two games neat and is in rhythm. “

Fredi Bobic (Managing Director Hertha Hertha BSC)…

_… To the science status after the game: _ “It was important to see that the boys have everything enforced. They have ran much more, which was already recognizable in the first half. They have fought, even if was made too much forward. The plan was also to stabilize the defensive first, but we will then get a penalty, which we have caused himself. In the second half we have tried to make the game offensive and it became more open. However, it lacked the momentum to achieve the gate. Then comes the corner ball, the allocations are clear, but sleeps and it falls the 0: 2. “

_… For the future of coach Korkut: _ “We will discuss again at rest after the game, also on Sunday morning. Then we will see. After the game I am no one who has to announce something big. clearly I said that we have to score because we stand on a relegation place. We have to fight out there. First, everything is discussed behind the scenes – there, where it belongs to the coach, I will also discuss with Ingo Schiller in The management and the President Werner counterbauer. We will comment on Sunday. “

_… About the comments of Investors of Hertha: _ “I am already a while in business. I am one who discusses this directly with Lars Windhorst and so I will continue to handle that. Each side noise is currently being made very big. But it is important that you talk to each other and not one above each other. “

_… To the current external representation of the Hertha (before the game): _ “In the external representation we are currently down. If you have a Herthay so and have many background noise, it does not make a good picture. The feeling of how Hertha presents, is not a positive. However, if we do more points, I have no problems with it. ”

_… To the question why Hertha is currently backwards (before the game): _ “We currently do not have time to talk about these topics. If you see a development that was not easy for years : We had a corona summer and had to achieve surpluses. It was clear that this squad has no balance yet. The team and the structure are broken and the new ones that should build it are not so far – because the Herthay Success is missing. A team could nevertheless be. “

TSG Hoffenheim – FC Bayern 1: 1

Manuel new (goalkeeper & captain FC Bayern Munich)…

_… To the game: _ “We had a few more chances and in the end it is disappointing that we do not drive home with three points. However, it’s ordinary way when you leave the chances. Luck in the game was not on our side, there were some scarce offside situations in which we have scored Goals. For the neutral viewer, it was a nice game to look at the sofa “

… for the risk deduction of Bavaria: “We have found a healthy mediocrity, the game we wanted to lose under no circumstances. That we are behind, was bitter for us, but we got better in the second half And are better than occurred in the first half. Let’s play two of such halftime, we win the game. “

Julian Nagelsmann (coach FC Bayern Munich) to the game:

“I’m a friend of getting attractive football games. For fans it was a very good game. I am also happy about wide stretches with the performance. We had a strong first 20 minutes, there we had many good baller conversions and good attacks. The opportunities even resulted in three hits that were all minimal away. Then we lost the patience thread, have offered the Hoffenimers so rooms and advised against behind. The risk management was good, we had a good control – even if it ended up An open game was. Before Hoffenheim has the great opportunities, we have to decide the game through our chances. If you leave some of these things, the game will be open again. I’ll compare the game with the achievements of the last weeks, is it a step In the right direction – even if it has become more likely to become a point. “

David Room (TSG 1899 Hoffenheim)…

… for the game: “For the neutral viewer, this was a very nice game, there were chances on both sides. It was a highlight for the Bundesliga, both teams have been beautiful. I am also proud of The team and the way we came into play. We have worked out opportunities, could take the lead. However, Bayern also had their chances and therefore we are satisfied with that we could take a point. Now we have to take that Game first digest and analyze and then we want to kidnap three points in Berlin again. “

_… to question whether the point of a direction Champions League is: _ “So far we do not look forward, we want to score every week and already talk about the Champions League, would be too early. “

_… To the performance of goalkeeper Oliver Baumann: _ “Oli lasts at the week for the week for the week, who does not hold every goalkeeper. We are glad to have him in the back of the gate and he becomes constant better. With such a one Goalkeeper feels comfortable. “

Andrej Kramaric (TSG 1899 Hoffenheim) about his contract extension at the TSG:

“I love this club and he made a lot for me. I respect the whole team and the fans, I enjoyed my time here. I have been here for six years and feel like home. Therefore, I’m looking forward to the coming years. “

SC Freiburg – VFL Wolfsburg 3: 2

Max Kruse (scorer VfL Wolfsburg) to the game:

“What did it sit down? We have defended German shit on good German. The first goal was a nice free kick, but the second goal was completely unnecessary. We had a man in the middle. In the first half we were not good, but we were not good in the second half a reaction shown and shown what’s in it. Then you come to 2: 2 ran and have the chance to go home with a point. This could be in Freiburg, with an ambitious team, the one Good football plays, be satisfied. Then we break it with such a shit again. “

Florian Kohfeldt (coach VFL Wolfsburg) to the game:

“In the first half, I was extremely mad at the team, we were not right in the square. The pause guide for Freiburg was therefore absolutely earned in height. In the second half I see a completely different performance and therefore the 2 would be 2 : 2 also had a deserved result. We also need to work urgently not to have such phases in the game. “

Maximilian Arnold (Captain & Scorer VfL Wolfsburg) to the game:

“What we did in the first half, I do not know. Whether we thought we can easily do after the victory against Union? We have two goals and the entire first half of them perfectly told what we have mentioned before the game clearly, Then we come out of the break and have shown a completely different face. We have earned the balancing then and then it’s absolutely disappointing and bitter that we come without points from the game. “

Vincenzo Grifo (double door scorer SC Freiburg)…

_… to the game: _ “It was an exciting game for all viewers. In the end, Nico saved us, it was an important victory. We have come well into the game and have not allowed Wolfsburg no chances Halftime therefore with 2: 0. We then come well from the halftime, but then do not play so clean. We then collect the 2: 1 and that gives the opponent always courage and therefore the compensation followed, but we did not have the Hanging heads, Nico was then there and welded the thing. “

_… About his coach Christian Streich: _ “About our coach, we do not need much talking much anymore. He is always hungry – he has been there for ten years – and wants to make every player better. He keeps the team with together. He is a special coach, looking for many individual talks and gives you a great feeling. This does not just apply to the players who play, but for the bankers – so we have such a good atmosphere and are happy. “

Union Berlin – VFB Stuttgart 1: 1

Timo Baumgartl (1st FC Union Berlin)…

_… to the game: _ “I have to take a little caring, what I say. What some have made in the place is madness. I do not know if we play youth football or something else – sorry for the emotions But that’s a joke. What I mean here, everyone can think out. “

_… to question whether he talks about his teammates: _ “No, I mean no teammates”

_ … to question whether he talks about the referee: _ “That’s what they said. It was not a line to recognize, every 50: 50 duel was fired for Stuttgart. We play men’s football, so you have to play Rate two-fight differently. However, there is nothing to talk about the referee. We did not do what we wanted in the second half, what we wanted and have made Stuttgart strongly. Then they shoot the gate shortly before the end. That’s bitter and hard. We are bitter and hard wanted the 40 points to complete and did not reach that. “

Pellegrino Matarazzo (coach VFB Stuttgart):

“Every point is important and here to fight a point in this way, the morale is doing well. Last week we turned this and now developed a point. That gives us a wide chest for the upcoming games, regardless of what the opponents do. We have to get our points and then it does not matter what the others do. “

Congrats, Coach Pop ????

SASA KALAJDZIC (scorer VFB Stuttgart)…

_… to the game: _ “The draw is fine on the whole. We have been able to buy the cut in the first half and impress us from the hard game of Union. We have in the second Halftime trust us more and have developed more scorchances. Therefore, we have earned the point, even if it was dramatic from VFB view. We like to score the point, because not every team scores at Union. “

_ … About the relegation battle: _ “Nobody has Bock on relegation fighting. However, I already know it and unfortunately I get used to it. We will not occur next week as we have occurred against Union in the first half, For this we have our fans in the back – I hope every one of the 60,000 allowed places will be filled and we are worn forward from the fans. We give everything that we get the victory. “