There are many small unusual quests in Genhin Impact, and the question and the answer are certainly one of the most interesting. A Knight of Favonious called Swan wants to test your knowledge on the Order, because he believes that an honorary member should have a basic understanding of what order is.

It gives you a pretty thick book to read, and you can either go through it or simply use the cheat sheet we have prepared below. Personally, we just think that Swan is getting bored to hang out at the doors all day, so do not let it tell you more by scoring an answer.

  • What is the official name now given to these ruins by the Knights of Favonius? – “The stormterror lair.”
  • According to the chivalrous label, what is the right form of address to use to talk to known people encountered within the Mondstadt borders? – “strange but respectable traveler.”
  • As I’m sure you know it perfectly, the business of the Knights of Favonius in the walls of the city are currently under the direction of Ms. Jean. My question is the following: What is Ms Jean’s official title? – “Grand Master by Acting.”
  • What is the official title of Lisa? – “librarian.”
  • What is the official title of Amber? – “Outrider.”
  • What is Kaeya’s official title? – “Captain of Cavalry.”

Genshin Impact Question and Answer Quest (Swan's Quiz)

If you answer all the questions correctly, you will receive food, a recipe, 20000 Mora and some rank of adventurer. If you are mistaken, it will stop the quiz and you will only receive some of the prices, depending on the number of questions you answer correctly.