SUPERSTAR LEBRON JAMES is advanced in the second place of the eternal NBA point list.

He overtook in the best basketball league in the world at the 119: 127 of the Los Angeles Lakers against Washington Wizards on Saturday Karl Malone, who scored 36,928 points in his career. James now comes to playing 36,947 points in 1363 and average of 27.1 per game.

He only has Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in front of him, who reached 38.387 points in 1560 NBA games – which corresponds to a section of 25.3. It is not excluded that James still reached this record.

LeBron James talks Lakers beating Drake’s Raptors, approaching Malone on scoring list | NBA on ESPN

“I will not allow me to think about it,” he said. “I hope I reach that someday in my career, but I will not think too much about it.”

Best European is Dirk Nowitzki rank six. The German basketball icon posted in 21 seasons for Dallas Mavericks 31,560 points.

James came to a total of 38 points on Saturday night, but could not prevent another defeat of his Lakers. Despite the meantime 16 points lead, the stumbling team gave the game out of the hand and conceded the 29th bankruptcy of the season.

“We had such a good opportunity to get more momentum,” James said. The lead to the New Orleans Pelicans ranked in Western Conference is only marginal. Should the team slip up ranked eleven, the playoffs take place without the Lakers.