Isn’t there anyone who can not catch the flow of leasing?

Therefore, the GAME * SPARK editorial department “ within 3 days with early access and formal release ” “” Condition of “” has exceeded 100 cases (whether the number of popularity and unpopularity) is more than 100 ** ” Introduce the new title of the freshly picked and picked new title! Check out in this article if any title is attracting attention to Steam now.

# 我 HeroragingFire (early access graduation)

This work is a military FPS that fights as a Chinese military soldier on the stage of the anti-Japanese war and China in Japan during the daytime war. According to the store page, it has to make the main content on the battlefield based on the historic battle. In addition, buildings and terrain on the field are faithfully reproduced photographs taken at the time of the actual daytime war, and they will fight at various locations such as urban areas and snow stacked.

# Lust theory-Season 1 (early access graduation, adults)

This work is an adult visual novel game that spends the day to be repeated. The player is a 20-year-old man who lives with three beauties, passing through a university or playing a normal life and a normal life, and exchanges with heroines. All female characters are full voices and have more than 8,300 images and more than 190 animations. The game is an episode system, and the season 2 is delivered separately as soon as it is completed.

# The Closing Shift | Close-to-door Case

This work is the stage of the cafe, and the girl who works on closing is the main character. Her familiar systems are on / offable VHS effects, and content for supporters in Patreon. At the time of the announcement, it was scheduled to be January 22nd, but after that, it was changed by March 19th.


# Syberia: The World BEFORE

This work is the latest work of the point & click adventure series that Mr. Benois Sokkar, who died in 2021. In 1937 Pianist Dana Rose and the two era of lawyer Kate Walker in 2004, we will experience the story to experience the story. In this work to travel a fantastic and poetic world, it also has puzzles and mystery solving elements, and a rich and attractive story will be deployed.

# Black Geyser: Couriers of Darkness (Early Access Graduation)

This work is an Isoometric perspective RPG inspired by an old good work such as “Baldur’s Gate” and “Icewind Dale”. We will hire a large and unique fantasy world, hire unique friends and search for the truth of Black Geyser. Battle adopts a party system. Each member has its own stories and abilities, and you can control the battlefield using suspension and instructions in a battle that progresses in real time. Also, the selection of players in the game is that it affects the world and changes direct changes.

# NO Place Like Home (Early Access Graduation)

This work is a farm simulation game featuring construction, agriculture and animals. Humanity will fly to Mars and make your own farm on the stage where the people who remained slightly live. Player plays as a hero girl “Ellen”. She recovers the world full of trash and recycles and get resources. It is also an important job to rescue animals from poisonous gas and ice-covered land. She seemed to be a new family of farms if she explores each place and protects animals.