The latest game is released a lot of daily life. Maker and store game introduction only “I don’t know what kind of game!” And I am not a GAME * SPARK reader. Therefore, it will be “explosion play repo” that delivers the contents of the game of game as soon as possible.

This time, we will deliver the explosion play repo of the Tycoon series style SLG “ Office Management 101 ” that has started early access on Pc (Steam) from Development and Publisher TULEVIK.EU on March 17, 2022..

TULEVIK.EU is an Estonian company established by Two Peterson Brothers Riho and Raimo. After establishing a company in 2014, he made this work with the outsourcing of various indie games, and it was released in early access.

# “Office Management 101”

This work is an emerging company CEO in the home appliance field and is a simulation game that can be enjoyed from management to office design. First of all, one person is contracted and we will hire employees to increase the company. If income increases, create your own products and aim for a large company with a difference in competitors.

Although early access has started, the scenario where the current play can be played is a short tutorial and one scenario map with the achievement. Also, there is also a “Sandbox” mode that can be designed freely, and a total of four maps can be played. Note that Currently, a floor from the second floor to the 5th floor is only a specific map of “Sandbox” mode . You can install “elevator” even in scenario mode, but you can not create other floors.

The early access period is planned about a year, and the product version is slightly going up. Also, unique product development and competitors with competitors are not included in the early access version . In addition to them in the product version, more furniture and buildings, many characters, occupations, campaign modes etc. will be added.

# Close to the actual contents of “Office Management 101”!

Let’s play the tutorial immediately! I thought, but it is set to a full screen with a window mode or why after startup. If you do not have the highest resolution in the author’s environment, it does not seem to be a full screen. If you look at the other settings at the end of the option, the time display can select a 12-hour system and 24 hours. You can set the beginning of the week Sunday or Monday. There is also a shortcut setting to the key configuration, but now it will be omitted and started the game.

The tutorial starts as the employee “Clara” of the company. First, an employee will be instructed to install the toilet. The menu to be selected is a simple display that the icon blinks. The contents of and detailed controls may be delivered to the mailbox, and new employees are similar to the sense that the instructions are read.

Press “T key” to e-mail and switch the wall. When installing while pressing “Left Ctrl Key” while setting item, it is described that the same thing can be continuously installed. Select “Left Click”, and move viewpoint with “Right click”. If you get used to the operation, you should set it to your favorite key from the option menu.

To install the toilet, left-click the “Chair” icon at the bottom right and select the design diagram received from the “BluePrints” tab to set the toilet. If there is no toilet, employees may get dirty floors…. Also, motivation and royalty will fall. Next door and install a kitchen as well.

Because there is little funding, we will earn your own product, so we will earn at contract work at first, but at the time of writing, the development of our products is not supported.

When the environment is ready, click the character and select Look for New Contract Work to locate work. Then, let’s go through the fast forward button at the top right, as it comes out of work from the character.

You can pose with “Space”. When you finish your work, you will see a “question mark” that you want to select to play. Similarly, select the character again and select “Assign TO Job Name” to start your work.

The details of the work are available from the “Briefcase” icon at the bottom right, and the contract work received as the deadline is also decided early. After completing the work, the character speech bubble will display “Bleef Case with a Light”.

To complete, let’s select “Submit job name to client” and receive a reward. Then, it is evaluated with the reward for the work of work, and the employee who is in charge of the company enters an experience value.

The company’s experience value is a star mark on the screen, and it will increase the furniture level that can be installed with 10 pieces. If you complete your job for the first time, the tutorial ends there…. Currently, the tutorial of this work is simple, so let’s remember the system while trying variously.

Since the scenario is set to some extent, we first do what you want to achieve them! It is a content. First of all, CEO’s name, company name, logo skills and characters and characters are customized and starting the game.

Every map has been installed in advance, so we will make a custom to customize the office. If it is sandbox mode, it is possible to make an office from 1 to use as much as you like funds. First, as well as the tutorial, we will save funds at the contract. Every weekly management report and “Ceo Weekly” are issued to give games tips.

# Hire employee who works 24 hours and 5 days and hiring employees who work

Employees’ professional work is “Tester” “Engineer” “Designer” “Manager” “Handy Worker” “JANITOR”, and it will be further increased in the product version.

There are three types of work that can be contracted, and “TESTER” “Engineer” “Designer” is in charge. The beginning hires people of these jobs. If the room is scattered or the machine is broken, the cleaning operation is “JANITOR”, and the machine repair will hire “Handy Worker”.

CEO has acquired one skill that can be contracted from “Manager” skills from the beginning. If you hire “Manager”, you can also leave work and personnel search. If you work with your work, you will also remember new vocational skills when the level of employees goes up. The job you can in charge will increase.

Employee status has “ENERGY” “Motivation” “Work Quality” “LOYALTY”, and there are other items such as Perks, human relationship Social.

Office furniture levels, houseplants, beautifulness, human relationships affect work quality. If the disliked employees are nearby, the ability to go down or leave the company…. In addition, there may be a request to raise the price of salary, and if you leave too much, you will leave the company.

That’s why employees are gone! That’s often…. If you propose from the employee, let’s look at the employee icon notification. Since work assignments and rewards are not performed automatically, management will be difficult if employees will increase.

In such a case, if you select “Toggle Projects Window (P Key)” from the lower right option, you will be easier to understand the state of the employee.

# Tricky architectural element

The scenario can not buy a new land unless you save money. Therefore, as employees increase, it is realistic to widen the office until the premises of buildings already prepared. To check the area of ​​the land owned, click Land and select Show Lot Area to display the property in blue.

The resizing of existing buildings can be changed from “Building” item “Move / Resize Building”…… There is a space on the site, but there is no space for existing buildings.

The result of the results of the results of the results of trying variously. The pillar “Red Brick Pillar” installed on the outer wall was disturbing the resizing. It is possible to expand it if you pay all the pillars!

However, one problem occurs here. If you expand the building to the maximum site, you will not be able to install the window for some reason. The cause was to use 2 squares to install the window. The wall side where you want to install the window needs to leave the space on one square site.

Building a Company! | Let's Play: Office Management 101 | Ep 1

Also, I noticed when I got off the toilet wall with an accident is that there is no demerit that there is no toilet wall. After confirming in the official Discord, these bugs are to be corrected. Current Status Some players are placed next to the desk. The toilet may be as it is as an interesting factor….

It is “Office Management 101” that has been introduced here, but there are also an early access period, and there is still a part of the office buildings. However, since the layout of furniture and rooms can be laid out, the player who likes you may be pretty addicted?

At the time of writing, it is simple as game sex because there is no competitive element with competitors. There are fewer maps and scenarios, and just aiming to clear it will end soon. Still, it is also possible that it can be enjoyed by infinity depending on the creativity. How about checking Tycoonslg?