Already announced on PC and consoles, the Kaiju Wars strategy game has a small appearance today to announce its release date. The title developed by Foolish Mortals will come on April 28 on PC and a little later in the year on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and Switch.

KAIJU WARS - Release Date Trailer - New TURN BASED STRATEGY Game 2022
Kaiju Wars puts us in the skin of the mayor of the city of Floatio while Kaiju decided to sow the mess by destroying everything on their passage. Inarhable, these titanic creatures will have to repulse and reached, at least temporarily. Five monsters will succeed each other, each with his preferences in terms of destruction. To do not arrange anything to the case, these formidable coloss can be able to mutate in progress and thus become even more dangerous. The player will therefore have to protect the most sensitive buildings of the card, including the laboratory developing an anti-monster serum and that it will evacuate if KAJU is approaching too much. For this purpose, it can count on many different units, including ACE, particularly effective veterans to personalize and improve the medals earned in combat.

A campaign mode will obviously be of the game, where it will not only be to defend its city but also to develop the economy. To this will be added a mode versus in which a player will embody Kaiju against whom his opponent will have to protect the city. Finally, Foolish Humans also promises a tool for creating cards and scenarios, it will be possible to share online. In short, a very comprehensive program that Foolish Humans will offer us to discover April 28 on PC, then at a date still not announced on consoles. In the meantime, the developer has just released a new trailer of gameplay.


Kaiju Wars – Trailer of the release date