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In March 2022, the streaming platform is visible on the stitching platform twitch. The popularity of the online Mahjong game of the ‘Cat Food Studio’ released in June 2018, the popularity of the Mahjong game. ‘Taichung’ Baek Sang Hyun, ‘Calm Man’ Lee Byung-gun, the domestic famous streamer streams , and is speculated that popularity is large. According to the Twitch Tracker, the Mean viewers and channels have been raised since March 2022.

Mahjong is a board game that maintains high popularity in China and Japan. It is aimed at getting a high score by completing the pattern of the letters, and it is considered to be a ‘abstract strategy game’ with a small random element and a small strategic proportion. It is an advantage that the difficulty difficulty is high, but when it is properly, it is evaluated that the variable and psychological fighting can be obtained through the psychological fight.

Learn how to play mahjong in 2.5 minutes
It is assumed that this is why is a popularity thanks to the psychological fight that is showing about Mahjong, such as his favorite streamer. In addition, it is speculated that the viewers often appeared in the game that Mahjong appeared in a game, such as the series, such as series, is followed by “Rich Mahjong” rule, mainly used in Japan, as developed in China.

This is a high-level approach to the front of this beautiful girl character and the emoticon using it. In fact, you can see that ‘Virtual Stream’, which is popular in Japan, is primarily when playing Mahjong, plays <What happens.