“The verdict” is the title for the last chapter of the Story of Shadowlands, the will be officially appearing next week, on March 29, 2022 . In the epilogue it will not go around the Chairman, but to Sylvanas, which loud a “Leak” puts her fate in the hands of Tyrande Wisperwind. Some parts of the dialogues and the end were published months ago by the DataManians of Woyhead. Since it will go to the grand finale primarily around Sylvanas and Tyrande, we assume that the Chairman and the confused history in Shadowlands will no longer play a role.

Nevertheless: There are many WoW players who hope that there is still a secret plot behind the Story of the Charterer. Finally, Steve Danuser, the Narrative Lead of World of Warcraft, has already promised us at the beginning of Shadowlands that we can look forward to an epic end.

Should it actually go to Tyrande and Sylvanas in the epilogue of Shadowlands, then that would be a pity. Finally, the end of the chairmaster in the mausoleum of the first many questions left open. The villain revealed his plan in the raid and ventilated the cosmic secret of Azeroth. That our world plays a big role in the cosmos was not a big surprise. What the WoW community is currently causing more headset is the last message that Zovaal announced in the chamber of the Creator before his last lifetime finally went out. In his death struggle he revealed us that somewhere out there a great evil lurks on the cosmos.

And some lousinested players think that the first harbing of the big evil have found in the shadowlands.

The eternal hunger for Anima

The infinite hunger on Anima drives the Veschlinger. Most of a wild animal, while others have a sharp mind. Source: Blizzard The speech is from the Veschlingers to which we meet everywhere in Shadowlands. Some lore fans suspect that the clatter belongs to said seventh cosmic power, that great enemy, allegedly exists beyond the big creator center. Your eternal hunger on Anima, the life of our universe, may be the trigger for the madness, which once fell victim to Zovaal. The description of the verder in the game is just as enigmatic, as the creatures are themselves. They originally come from “nothing”, a room that lies between the cosmic worlds. We can only imagine this “empty room” because we associate a cosmic power with the term emptiness, which lies on the cosmos map of the domain of light.

“Nothing” should not be literally at this point. This description merely means that it is a cosmic property that is the creation of the first enemy. To explain: The first are or were intelligent, God-like beings who used Anima to create something new. As the name already reveals it, the clatters have no interest in creating something from Anima. The Anima is your food, you just want to eat.

Bock on even more conspiracy theories?
In the WOW community, exciting fan theory is currently being discussed. The focus of this discussion is not the Chairman, but the Primus of Maldraxxus. It is said that the Lord of the Necrolord’s true stripping pullers is behind the dark machinery of the Cheer Master. The Primus had manipulated Zovaal and brought him to reveal the eternal. Good, the arch that the author beats this fan theory is huge and the theory has many plot holes. Nevertheless, who is interested in the topic, should not be missed on the comprehensive lore article of our colleagues of WOWHEAD **! Like the creatures of the emptiness, the clotting in the game is officially considered degrees. These strange beings might actually be the foot soldiers of mysterious seventh power, from which we heard in Shadowlands for the first time. The Mittler named Firim (formerly al’firim) mentioned the seventh power for the first time in Grimoire of the Shadowlands.

An oracle oracel offense

In Zereth Mortis we meet for an oracle that Firim’s theory is at least partially confirmed. The Automa-being explicitly warns us that the universe is consecrated to the demise when the cosmic powers get into the imbalance. The oracle mentioned a mysterious enemy, which comes through the cracks between the riches and worlds to devour the creation of the first.

And indeed! We find these cracks everywhere in the Shadowlands, Korthia and Zereth Mortis. They are the inventory of the clotting, which storm into the shadowlands to get to the Anima. In addition to animal improvements and all sorts of parasites, there are also prominent representatives of this strange type. The starvation destroyer from the Raid Castle Nathria is the prime example of a true Anima-Clicker. The name is with these strange creatures program! The appetite of the closinger is so great that even large supplies to Anima can not breastfeed their hunger.
Firim (formerly al’firim) alleges in Zereth Mortis with the automa to fight against the closing. Source: Blizzard

Bizarre beings from nothing

These creatures are dangerous, no question. Nevertheless, we find it difficult for us to consider the wicker as a big threat. We already met in the past few years on countless strange creatures. What’s so special about the clinging? It’s not the primitive clarding that we are currently worried, but your bizarre masters. They appeared in the Shadowlands after the big upheaval and opened the first cracks between the worlds. These beings equal more to a humanoid and carry imposing names like butchers, world-eaters or loss-breakers.

In the four-rich of the shadowlands, the masters did not take great threat. As a simple quest opponent or occasional disturbing cryo, they did not cause our heroes. In Zereth Mortis, however, the sheet turned. While the champion champion conquered the forge of the lending, the closing ones use the favor of the hour and started their own invasion. At the top of the Clear Army stood a particularly scary master named butcher . He broke into the chamber of the Oracle in Zereth Mortis and absorbed the life energy of the Automa Guardian. The eerie on the butcher was that he mutated after his first big feast. After taking enough automa, he changed his body and he became a kind of hybrid with the physical characteristics of an eye-catcher and an automa.

The butcher is not the only mixing system we meet in Zereth Mortis. Far in the north lies the trace portal, a desert area where it is teeming with hybrid resources. The dangerous thing about these creatures is that after their metamorphosis they master the melodic language of the automa. This means that you can use the designs of the Creator. Your skills are also improving the more Anima and Automa Energy they devour. The whole thing is strongly reminiscent of the Xenomorphs from the Alien Universe. These are parasitic living beings, but they do not propagate, but develop themselves through a host.

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