Only 24 hours after the 2-1 victory in the top match at Red Bull Munich, the Eisbären Berlin had retracted its second threesome in a row on the free day. However, the 2-1 success was fixed in the Nuremberg Ice Tigers only seconds before the final siren. Boychuk scored the lead for the capitals (38.), the Nurembergs Sheehey but countered (58.). When many things indesticted on an overtime, Jensen shot the polar bears for victory.

Krefeld concedes fifth defeat in a row – also loses Schwenningen

The Krefeld penguins hardly have hope for the class blast. The bottom of the table lost 2: 5 (1: 3, 0: 2, 1: 0) at the Grizzlys Wolfsburg and conceded the fifth defeat in series. The two-time German masters seemed sometimes overwhelmed. Already on Wednesday, Krefeld had lost at home against Wolfsburg 1: 5. “We just have to deliver and if we do not do that, it goes into the second league,” striker Laurin brown brown in magenta sports and criticized too many criminal times: “We are really fault.” That’s rare stupid. “

Lucky had the penguins that the direct competitors Schwenningen (2: 5 vs. Ingolstadt) and Iserlohn (2: 3 against Augsburg) could not stand even more. Five game days before the end of the main round is the penultimate Schwenningen six counters before Krefeld, Iserlohn as a third party has nine points lead and still a game more to complete. This season, the last of the preliminary round in the DEL2 increases.

Straubing overtakes Mannheim

The City as Signifier: Nuremberg in the Nuremberg Chronicle

In the fight for the playoffs, the Straubing Tigers moved through a 3: 1 (1: 1, 1: 0, 1: 0) at promoted Bietigheim to the Adler Mannheim over fourth. The Eagles lost 0: 2 (0: 0, 0: 0, 0: 2) against Bremerhaven and now need to be the home right in the playoff quarterfinals of April 10th.