WARTALS , the open world tactical RPG and Viking atmosphere that arrived at Steam Early Access Early Access in December 2021, receives its fourth region with Harag’s Marshlands . This hEarly Access been announced by its responsible, Shiro Games and Shiro Unlimited , presenting a new trailer that you can see to lead this news and detailing the news of this new update, already available through Steam completely free of charge, and that allows title players to enjoy more than wide and profound development of their adventure.

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Thus, and thanks to the arrival of this new region For the main adventure of Wartales, players can enjoy the following novelties:

  • Abandoned village. The player hEarly Access to explore these dangerous places without making noise. Before entering the village, the player must choose which partner will accompany him to explore. If the player makes too much noise, the plagues will come and will attack you.
  • Hordes. A giant group of plagues wanders through the lands. It can not be eliminated: the player will have to flee to evade death.
  • New camping elements, articles and processing recipes.
  • The level limit increEarly Accesses to 9 with new skills.
  • All animals can be domesticated and each species hEarly Access a dedicated skill tree.
  • New Combat Rules: Hold X Shifts and reaches the flight point.

WARTALS is a tactical RPG of the open world that takes players to lead a group of mercenaries to get goals, knead a fortune and embark on dangerous adventures. The game hEarly Access been developed by Shiro Games, the French study after Evoland and the successful game of Vikings Northgard .

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Wartales is available in Steam Early Access a video game in advance access since lEarly Accesst December 2021 at a price of 34.99 euros.