Strolling under the Skin
On April 7, FC Barcelona is a quarter-final game of the Europa League at Eintracht Frankfurt. On the eve, Hellmann wants to inquire at the usual council meeting in the responsible persons of the Spanish prospect club also according to the state of the Super League plans. Catalans belong to the twelve founding members. “We always have to expect the topic to come back around the corner,” warns Hellmann.

Its goal in the next five years is: strengthening the football medium in Europe. “The large number of European participants has the same worries and hardships and these are not the same clubs, which are back in the quarterfinals of the Champions League,” emphasizes the SGE CEO. The club organization ECA founded in 2008 must “be broken up in its rigidity”, so associations on the order of Eintracht Frankfurt received more co-determination.

Eintracht before “Century Game” against Barça

“After we found that we were too very spectator for a long time, the harmony as the German football overall, we have to come into an active role,” says Hellmann. Supervisory Board Philip Holzer believes that the SGE “is now so far to say, we want to mix us and we have ideas.” Eintracht had entrusted in the past summer Samy Julien Hamama, which is designed as a former DFB and FIFA employee shiny, with the management of the management “International Relations”. The game against Barcelona marked Holzer “as a century game,” he speaks of around 250,000 card inquiries.

The stadium expansion is one of the core topics that the harmony wants to tackle. While the World Cup in Qatar is to be started, a closer timetable is difficult to set up due to the crisis in building materials and macroeconomic uncertainties. In the counter-channel, premises for fans and VIPs are to be created. The Bundesliga capacity of the entire arena will rise by 8500 to around 60,000 spectators.

If you are ten years board in the Bundesliga, the voice has more weight than before.

Axel Hellmann

“We do not have a work, no patrapults and a state fund that catapulted us to the head of the Champions League. With us, things have to work on our own strength,” explains Hellmann, who began during his ten-year members of the Executive Board as a CFO and since April 2021 as CEO FUNDED. Since 2012, the 50-year-old ambitious plans have been around, such as the self-marketing of the club, the construction of the Proficamps, the takeover of stadium operation, the opening of offices in Beijing and New York and the integration of the footballers of the 1st FFC Frankfurt. Hellmann: “The commercial rights are the backbone of Eintracht Frankfurt, the economic reason must always be governed.” Sporting and commercial topics should continue to be hand in hand.

“If you are ten years board in the Bundesliga, the voice has more weight than before. It will also be the task of Eintracht Frankfurt, to contribute stronger both in the association work and in political work in Germany and Europe. It is too Early to decide whether this is associated with the question of a candidacy for an election office, “says Hellmann, who is considered one of the candidates for the DFL Presidium, which is re-elected in the summer.