In 2017, Microsoft trumps with the Xbox Game Pass, a subscription service that allows access to a certain selection of games for regular payment. The netflixization of the gaming industry had reached the next level, main competitor Sony was a bit late.

'All-New PlayStation Plus' Subscription Tiers Explained - IGN Daily Fix
Most recently, Microsoft also attentive to the record transfer of the developer studio Activision Blizzard. The American company equipped in the duel with Sony powerful, now the Japanese company in turn responds with a subscription offensive: PS Plus and PS NOW should merely merge.

Essential, Extra and Premium

GamePro first reports on Tuesday that Sony is planning a three-stage model. The restructuring of the subscription service sees the options PS plus Essential, PS Plus Extra and PS Plus Premium, which attract with different content for different prices. PS plus subscribers should automatically become PS plus Essential members.

Monetary has three payment alternatives: monthly, every three months or annually. PS plus Essential sees three free games in the “2 + 1” concept for 8.99 euros per month (twice PS4, once ps5). Online multiplayer possibilities, cloud storage and exclusive discounts are added in terms of content.

PS plus extra packs for 13.99 euros a catalog of 400 ps4 and ps5 games on top. With PS plus Premium, the fans for 16.99 euros are also a catalog with PS1, PS2 and PSP games, a collection of PS3 games and a PlayStation library via cloud streaming and trial versions of AAA games available.

No AAA titles for release

PS plus premium is most likely to be the current PS now with about 740 titles that are available for download or streaming. Anyone who binds to the new subscription model for three or the same twelve months is paying a little less one monthly. The start of the upcoming system CEO Jim Ryan terminates according to GamePro at the end of June 2022.

AAA Exclusives are apparently not available after the subscription offensive, Ryan justifies this decision with the economic circle based on three solid pillars. These could be problematically diluted with an immediate inclusion of AAA games.