A cross-border group of several LGTB + associations has expressed concerns about the World Cup in Qatar. The community will not be taken seriously from the FIFA and the Supreme Committee in Qatar. Already concrete “assurances such as LGBT + fans, players, journalists and employees should be protected in a country that criminalizes their existence,” did not exist.

“World Championship for all”? – rather “little efforts”

“Without fear to get our safety and freedom from persecution” to the World Cup to Katar, simply not possible. There have been “little efforts of the organizers to proactively deal with the concerns”. The slogan, the “this is a world championship for all” you got to hear instead. It was more distracted than talked about human rights in Qatar. “Everything we have seen unfortunately from those responsible are slogans, no security […], avoidance and do not act.” This is simply not good enough. “We have not seen any details about how our trans + members are to be treated with respect for security controls; no guarantees belongs that LGBT + individuals are not arrested because of their existence.”

We have no guarantees that LGBT + individuals are not arrested because of their existence.

The conclusion of the communication published by the Alliance on Friday is therefore clear: “We can not tell our members, LGBT + persons or allies in good faith that this is a world championship for all.”

Qatar 'unfairly treated and scrutinised', says 2022 World Cup chief exec

The cooperation with other stakeholders and committees is therefore continued. The “design of a fairer society in the future of football” is the goal. Accordingly, the FIFA and the organizer are under Taxation: It takes two parties and a real commitment to change, both from the organizers and the cable bodies “to change something.

_Duine was the notification of the “Football Supporters Europe”, “Three Lions Pride” (England), the “Queer Football Fanclubs” (Europe), “Roze Regahs” (Ado Den Hague), the “Independent Supporters Council North America”, The “Football Supporters Against Homophobia Norway” and “Pride in Football” (UK) _