If the Île de Pwâk ** often sees its opening on Dofus in early April, it seems that it has a little delay! Rest assured, you can find it next week with two additions to spice 2022.

A familiar and a Dungeon Rusher for the opening of the island of Pwak on Dofus

This year, Pwak Island will open from Tuesday, April 12th to Tuesday, May 10 . For the second time in a row, she arrives with a little delay, but this time, no flaw on the horizon. Two novelties will arrive for connoisseurs. First, a Dungeon Rusher of the crisp will be available. You will then have to visit the cropping for a weekend to recover its shield. Second, a familiar * ** “adds to awards in coupons!

This addition is also final. If you can not get it back in 2022, you will be able to start again next year.

As a reminder, PWAK is a Event Zone appearing around Easter and bringing temporary content on the classic servers. You can, among other things, find:

  • 3 zones of levels 60, 130 and 200
  • quests in Option, leading to dofus cocoa
  • repeatable content To win familiar, title and consumables various (not to mention the kamas!)
  • A ton of s uccès exclusive
  • For this edition 2022, a Dungeon Rusher for its second zone

Obviously, there will also be the appearance of eggs in all areas of the world of twelve. We will prefer to forget it.

Go to the island of Pwak

Direction first at the Zaap of the village of Amakna! It will then be enough to direct you to the transport bell, a little higher (see card below).

Speaking at the PNJ Brigandin present, you can start (and finish very quickly) the quest to go to the island.