It was a top game that deserved his name. St. Pauli and Bremen did not give themselves nothing, both teams could have gained the game. At the end it was on the millennor 1: 1. “We did that well. We were dominant in the first half, many chances have taken out, then the final luck was missing, or the quality in the end, we could have done at least three goals, then we would have made a good job “Handed Füllkrug on the website of the Bremen. “Rear out we were closer to Lucky Punch as St. Pauli. It’s a pity, but we also played against a good team.”

Bremen Takes Table Lead! | Werder Bremen - SV Sandhausen 1-1 | Highlights | MD 28 – Bundesliga 2

The Bremers had some good chances, including Marvin Ducksch, just before the end, the latte hit the latte, but also luck, because the compensation by Füllkrug could have been withdrawn due to a hand game of Felix Agu in the formation too. “Although I was right next to it, but did not perceive it in the situation as a hand game. But a few meters on the bench one said, it’s scarce,” says coach Ole Werner to the scene.

In the end it remained the hit and the draw. There is something worries in the Bremen camp around Marco Friedl. The 23-year-old took a nasal leg. In the 66th minute, the defender injured in a duel with Jakov Medic, but could continue to play after a few minutes. Further investigations will follow at the beginning of the week. But since the Austrian punished, it could be that he is not long.

Only against Nuremberg, then on Schalke

Just had the Werderaner again all the man, from Bremer view it would be important if it remains. Because in the next few weeks with the games against Nuremberg and on Schalke two more duels against direct counterparties. “You have seen it today, it was a game at eye level, where it’s about nuances. So the next games are lost. We have to continue with us. We just have to keep a clear head, showing a corresponding reaction, if It’s not going to plan and focus on things that we can influence. We did that today and that’s why I have a good feeling, “Werner is positive.