That’s surprising: The longtime DFB Vice President Dr. Rainer Koch will not run back as a boss of the Bavarian Football Association BFV. He is also likely to leave the Executive Committee of UEFA in Bälde.

Thus, Koch in a BFV message, he has offered “to UEFA President Aleksander Cefer and the newly elected DFB President Bernd Neuendorf immediately after the DFB Bundestag on March 12, to leave the UEFA Executive Committee as soon as departure from me from this function in the interest of the DFB and its new president and the UEFA is considered appropriate. “

CEFERIN signals that he is not in the way of retroution

UEFA President Aleksander Čeferin: 'Society stands united against closed Super League'
Much answers that the DFB makes use of this offer. Cefer should have already signaled in advance to Neuendorf that he would not stand in the way of a recruitment solution in the event of a cooking issue with regard to the euro 2024, which takes place in Germany. Normally, items in the Executive Committee are bound to personal choice, Koch is actually elected to the highest UEFA body by 2025, which will vote on tomorrow’s Thursday about the new regulations on financial stability. Probably cook last sitting.

Who would the Association for Koch send to UEFA? The next DFB Bureau meeting will take place on 6 May, until then, certainly a solution could be found, which is also in line with the ideas of the German Football League DFL. Charming, for example, would have a constellation in which a representative of the League Association, such as its Deputy Bureau Spokesman, would be in the one, international top body, and a DFB representative like Neuendorf in the other.

Because Peter Peters’s future in the FIFA Council seems more than uncertain. The long-standing Schalke Chief Financial Officer defeated Neuendorf in the new election of the DFB President. That day, the end of Koch’s functional career also ranged when the DFB Bundestag did not choose him, but surprisingly clearly the sports scientist Silke Sizing as Vice-President into the DFB presidium.

Koch was three times interim president of the DFB

Now cooking cook back, a surprising step. The 63-year-old, who wants to return to his profession at the turn of the year, was part of the DFB Bureau for 15 years, three times he led the Scandalum’s Association as part of an interim double peak. Each after the residues of Wolfgang Niersbach, who stumbled over the summer fairy-affair, Reinhard Grindel, who had become a given luxury watch, and Fritz Keller, whom the state presidents withdrawn the confidence after he had compared Koch with the Nazi Richter Freisler.

Cook role in the DFB, especially with a view to the princely paid commitment of the media consultant Diekmann and the interim decay of the ethics commission, last more and more in the appearance of nebulosis. The Bayer himself emphasizes in terms of BFV, he left “a well-established, future-oriented and sustainable national association” in all areas. Whether this applies to the DFB, ongoing investigations of the Frankfurt prosecutor’s office must show in tax and infidelity procedures, which, however, does not explicitly judge chef.